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So designing my personal website over again is it pointless?

So I lost my website during the server 1 fiasco. I thought I had a back up but I guess I didn't.

Not the end of the world, it needed to be brought into the 21st century anyway. I had hand written all the html, and so it was a little primitive to say the least.

My concern however is that the need for a personal site is almost null and void in our age of social media. I am considering creating a Joomla page for my various personal pursuits and entrepreneurial adventures.

Do you all think personal websites are pointless these days, since everyone sort of has there own personal page via social media.

I also thought it would be cool to link to my old site via the Internet Archive for posterity.
I'm really sorry your Website is gone. I remember I had accessed it a couple times when you were linking to an article about dumpster diving. That was an excellent one. Hope you'll be able to recreate it.

I don't think it is pointless to recreate your Website. If I were you and you don't have much time to mess around, I'd just create a static Word Press site - make sure to load BruteProtect and WordFence for security, and turn off all the comments. That's about the fastest way to create a Website that you could make your own.

Step 1: Get Word Press script from here

Step 2: I recommend you create a new add-on domain, so that you could add on more domains later and keep them separate. If you want a free domain, you could try - it is now managed by Then add the Frihost Name Servers: and

Step 3: Unzip your Word Press file on your computer. Then zip the contents of the WP sub-folder into a separate zipped folder. Idea is to get rid of the WP folder and only upload the contents of the script directly to your newly added domain in cPanel.

Step 4: Create a mySQL database and database user in your cPanel. Connect the two and make a record of the user names and passwords. WordPress is going to ask for it later on.

Step 5: Open cPanel File Manager - select the new domain you added in the scroll down options. That way you get directly into the root folder of that domain where you need to upload your WordPress script to. Upload the WordPress newly zipped folder. Then unzip the WordPress folder.

Step 6: You're ready to start WordPress. Open WordPress by opening the domain It's going to prompt you for a few things while it is setting WordPress up for you. Note the fun language it uses. Smile

TIP: When you set it up try and use a user name other than Admin for extra security.

Step 7: Once you're in the Dashboard security first - Load plugins (1) Bruteprotect (2) WordFence
Note: you can load those plugins directly from your Word Press Dashboard. You don't have to download them first and then upload them again. Just click on plug-ins in your Word Press Dashboard and it's effortless. Ditto themes. The theme that is used in the tutorial below is called Responsive. Which is great of course as it will adjust to the screen sizes of all other devices laptop/tablet/phones.

Step 8: Turn off comments (you can do that in your settings or in the pages - settings are best (Select Discussion))

Here is a really excellent step by step Word Press tutorial if you have an hour available. The best hour I spent as Word Press Dashboard is not 100% user friendly, and this tutorial helps one find one's way. You could save a few minutes by checking out the first three minutes that tells you what you're going to learn, and then skip to the 14 minute mark where the real WordPress steps start - (the first minutes are steps how to get Website space):

I agree with you. It is useless if you make personal websites now. Joomla is a good place to start a website but i think you should create not a personal one.

You are correct many social sites such as linkin do some personal or career sites which is a good and nice one to do socials.
johans wrote:
I agree with you. It is useless if you make personal websites now. Joomla is a good place to start a website but i think you should create not a personal one.

You are correct many social sites such as linkin do some personal or career sites which is a good and nice one to do socials.

I beg to disagree.

those social sites offer you an easy and free (if you don't value your privacy) way to... have what everybody else has.

A personal website may not rank in a database full of workers, but it will make you stand out in face to face interaction, and this applies also to non-professional relationships.

Imagine you meet a potential investor/business partner/associate... or the father of your girlfriend.

tell him/her "here's my linkedin" or "this is my facebook"


Handling a beautifully designed card, which sports the URL to your website, an url that can be instantly accessed through mobile phone instead of hving to log in in any social network.

Also, your website gives you total freedom on what info do you want to show, emphatize, or hide. Even better, it allows you to use some designt tricks to make it look more professional, reliable, or whatever you want the others to think about you.

Just my 2 cent.
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