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well i am deciding to change a new printer which has things like fax, scanning, printing, photocopying. well the main problem lies in which brand should i choose? i hope those people who have good printers can share their views on this matter and help me out with the deciding of which brand i should buy
Why do you want all these functions in your printer?

The only advantage I can see is that it saves desktop space.

The disadvantages:
If you have any problem with it you can not print or scan.
Most combo units never produce the quality of a product designed for a specific task.
Printer scanners cannot accomodate larege books or photos that can be scanned by sections in a flatbed scanner.
If you want to upgrade you have to replace both.

For example last week I upgraded my printer to a new Epsom C87, but I am quite happy with my Umax scanner so I still use that. If they were both in one unit I would have no choice but to upgrade both.

Personaly I prefer a good Printer and a good scanner seperate. Prices for both are very reasonable these days. You can also choose from what you feel is the best company for either product.

If desk space is that important to you go for it, buy a combo unit.
If you want scope of choice and ability to upgrade seperately read reviews and search Google for the specs and opinions about the latest scanners/printers then buy based on that.

Umax are good scanners, I've had 2 now. There are many other good brands also.
I prefer Epson printers, but that is only personal too.

Also many of the scanners available now have button interfaces to scan directly to a printer or to fax directly from the scanner. These functions are are really just software so even with older scanners you can still do this from the computer screen, if you install software to do that.

Here's a review of an Epson all in one by

Also from this site

the color fidelity on a variety of test photos printed by the RX500 are very good but not as good as prints from my old Epson Stylus Photo 820. While image detail in prints produced with the RX500 are very good, they also are not as good as those produced by the Stylus Photo 820.

I am sure many will disagree with me, but I am never comfortable buying "Do all" equipment of any sort.

Good luck in finding something suitable for your needs.
All printers break very often.
Believe me, I worked in the public school system on such things.
I suggest get a cheap one, then you can just replace it when it malfunctions (an inevibility).
Anywy, I saw one in for $4.99 after a rebate!
ooo k thx guys, i love all u guys comments. anyway still debating cuz it true of y i would realli nid a soo mnay function printer, perhaps juz use a normal n cheap one...

for laserjet choose HP

for inkjet I STRONGLY suggest you pick one that relies on ink jets IN the cartridge as opposed to ink jets attached to the printer

inkjet photo printers are abominations

wait for a loss leader or super rebate. when it runs outta ink buy another loss leader. oooor at least pay attention to the PER PAGE cost to operate before buying
k thx i just gt my printer liao its a cannon and its have all those functions like fax n photocopying. thou ppl says tt it is troublesome and a pain however i nid it for work as i nid to fax info to ppl at times. but thx again
I realize that you have already purchased a printer, but I figured that I would say that I have an Epson Stylus CX7800 all-in-one printer and I am extremely pleased with it. It is honestly the only all-in-one printer that i have used that I have absolutely no complaints with.
hmmmz thx still anyway
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