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Anyone here work for the city?

I recently had looked into getting a job for our city, they are looking for someone in the Water Department, can anyone shed any light on the subject?
usually this only happened in facebook as it's their first Internet experience.

it's 2015, and still some people think Internet is limited to their neighborhood.
lol.... I was there are many other cities, and seeing if anyone even worked for one, not the one I am working for, but if someone has worked for their city.
Just ignore his not very nice comments.

I know people that are city employees, my brother in law works for the maintenance department and my actual brother works for the public television station for York city.

What city do you work in (if you don't mind me asking).
I work for a city. The application process is pretty standard, but I guess it does depend on the area. Cities are a great place to work. You get a stable job with a solid pension and benefits, and the work life balance is generally very good. You don't have to spend lots of hours doing overtime like some of the salaryman other there working for private companies. The downside is that you aren't going to make as much money as you probably could've working in the private sector. Again, this is all dependent on the area in which you work, but this is mostly the case for the United States.
I am now hired on for a small city in Texas, work is very different day to day (as explained from my boss today), they are sending me to classes to get my licenses for water and waste water, both if passed I am looking at a significant raise, and to already have someone under me.

I generally figured maintenance, but how it is looking we are just replacing a water line 2 inch for almost a mile down a road... this is going to be a lot different than programming (something I do in my spare time)

Thanks everyone for replying and talking to me, I tend to ignore obvious trolls. (First reply)
Congratulations on the job! I know people that work for both the city and the county. The only complaint is handling crisis which require long hours and sometimes not in the best weather.
I worked in City for 10 years now.

My course and degree is really on the city because i worked in Information technology. I can say city is a good place to stay but not when i get old.

While i am not that old i usually find way to be outside in the city specially at weekend. I do play basketball and other activities far distance from the city.

City is a good place if you have a lot of money because living the city is expensive. every moved and action you do requires money.
I really glad this place is still active, and I got some good insight, they are making everything so easy for me at the City, everyone is so happy there, so strange and definitely a change, I appreciate everyone's help and support, if there is anything I can do for yall let me know.
I have never had a job with the Government or local City Governments - I deal with them quite a bit as clients - especially their IT departments as I sell them our wireless products for their traffic and other networks. Some of the City workers are just fantastic people, hard working, conscientious, dedicated, and they want to do a good job for their residents.

Others not so much, they seem to have found the least amount they can do and keep the job! Which is sad because the seem to have given up on improving themselves and are content to do as little as possible for their income.

Sad thing is I have seen this in big corporations that I have worked for as well. Like any job - work hard, improve yourself, be a good team player, do quality work, and you will go far and be successful.

Congratulations on your new job JensDuck - best wishes for your success!!
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