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Pope Francis visit Philippines

As i wait for POPE Francis at the airport many people is waiting just to see him live. security is so tight that there is no signal for all mobile provider. signal block due to security purposes. commercial flight is been canceled on the day of pope's arrival, no work for all offices from government to commercial.

It was really nice to see the POPE in a glimpse of a second. Filipino are 80% catholic and i can say it was nice and very cool.

Upon his arrival at the Malacañang Palace grounds at 9:21 am on Friday, the Pope was greeted by Aquino who led him to their respective areas for the official welcome ceremony at the Palace grounds, which had been fitted with red carpet befitting the state guest.

About 200 Malacañang employees and their families, as well as students, were given the chance to see the pontiff up close in the cordoned off area on the side of the Palace grounds.
Aquino led the Argentinian pontiff to Malacañang Palace – a walk that took longer as some children and women with infants were allowed to approach the pontiff – where he signed the Palace guest book before being with presented gifts
He allegedly said this on the flight to the Philippines:

The pope said freedom of expression was a "fundamental human right" like freedom of religion, but one that must be exercised "without giving offense."


In other words, in a world where everyone is offended by everything, nobody has the right to free speech.
He also said he would punch someone if they insulted his mother. Smile

I don't think he has heard of turn the other cheek.
Truespeed wrote:
I don't think he has heard of turn the other cheek.

"without giving offense" IS turning the other cheek, this is felt by many.

It's an entry into the political debate in Europe atm.

A de-escalating statement can help cool things down.

Which is needed.
LxGoodies wrote:
Truespeed wrote:
I don't think he has heard of turn the other cheek.

"without giving offense" IS turning the other cheek, this is felt by many.

I don't know exactly what you mean by that, but punching someone who's offended you isn't exactly "turning the other cheek".
it was really amazing and worthy when i saw pope on his pope mobile far a distance for only 3 seconds. he may not see me but my support and faith for the Christ is SOLID.

Hope see you again next year in CEBU.
This Pope is (as I predicted) nothing new - same corruption and criminality just better PR. Nothing has changed - the Vatican is still a corrupt cesspool which continues to shelter child rapists from due process.
We are jealous. But we could see the great party when the Pope visited Manila. Mabuhay.
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