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MS frontpage or Dreamweaver or NVU?

Which is better, Frontpage? Dreamweaver? NVU?
 20%  [ 2 ]
 80%  [ 8 ]
Total Votes : 10

which web-building program is better, ive used all three and have 2 say so farfrontpage is the most easy to use, but has alot of messy code in the background, dreamweaver ive only recently tryed...seems veryhard 2 use but im told it alot more powerful than frontpage, NVU a program made 4 linux which has been adapted for XP is very simple and clean...but i havent had much experience with it,

perhapes u have?

do telll

which is better, or if there are anymore main web-design programs not listed plz tell al.... Question Question Smile
I havent used NVU nor dreamweaver. Only Adobe GoLive and Frontpage. So I can only compore those to WYSIWYG editors. Like you have said, Frontpage is easier to use, I agree with you. GoLive has some advanced features but I have had some complications using it, specially with tables.
frontpage is the esisest to use - it has a wysiwyg editor plus code so its gud enuf for pors as well

dreamweaver a lot more powerful but more complex nd hard to use without sum solid knowledge

iv neva tried using adobe golive? cudnt figger it out

cheap and easy alternative 4 beginners is coffeecup html editos 2005 - wysiwyg and code editor, has 100s of templtaes nd code bits included; quite cheap, lifetime support nd updates
I religeously avoid wysiwyg editors: If anything goes wrong most experts can't even decode the gibberish.
Several times people have asked me to fix their site, and I would open the code only to be perplexed by the strange code. The only option then is to rebuild the page the right way.
Notepad is the best, or for the linux type VI.
Dreamweaver is much better than Frontpage - easier to use, more efficent, more powerful

not made by microsoft
Exactly what two other people have said in this place Frontpage, Golive, dreamweaver they all encounter the same problem of something breaks no one knows how to fix it because its just to much crap in the code. They use the most complex methods to do the most simple tasks and as such are slow loading and very bulky in size.
As Jiltedcitizen said.. notepad (or better say textpad) is the best...
Supposing u know html coding... which is not that easy 4 a beginner...

But if u want a WYSIWYG editor... you better go 4 MS FrontPage.. the easiest... second accordin to me comes NVU... then comes Dreamweaver...
Now this is according to ease of use...

But then if you want lesser messy code... all r same.. dreamweaver a little better... frontpage good and NVU Crying or Very sad

I say go 4 the free one.. NVU.. others cost a bomb 4 somethin a normal user won't use much...

If you are a nopad guy still go with dreamweaver. It has a code and WYSIWYG mode. and it doesnt make alot of strange code unless you use a lot of stange code, (aka frames) , it also makes the notepad writing faster less errors by spelling. It also helps you to find compatiblity issuse so you can write so that a IE and Mozilla or other browers can see the formating and information well. Get the whole package if you are power mad, and PLAN it is an important issuses young programers forget.
The only thing that Frontpage has up on Dreamweaver is it Instant easyness as you use Dreamweaver it is WAY MORE easier. After two months with it your'll understand.
Dreamweaver rocks. I have been using Dreamweaver MX 2004, I know there's a new one out and I can't wait to get my hands on it. It's really friendly to starters, has a ton of scripts, designs, templates, etc. Frontpage is a bit more complex to use for starters, and doesn't have as much built-in stuff.
From all WYSIWYG editors, NVU has the best output. Definitly.
I have FrontPage, GoLive, and Dreamweaver. My favorite right now is Dreamweaver since I haven't figured out GoLive but I'm sure it's great.
I use DW 8 and like it a lot. I do program in JAVA and C++ in different environments and really like the chance to for once use a good WYSIWYG editor.
To all the Notepad and UNIX/Linux VI posts I see alot I can only say: Been there, done that. Guys get a life. Notepad is definately the worst way to code and VI plainly s...
I use Dreamweaver too. But sometimes, when I have to chnge only a few lines of code I do it with notepad (Dreamweaver takes a lot to start).
I used Frontpage years ago, but it uses a very dirty code, and I think NVU isn't very powerful at this time.
You should find Dreamweaver the most accurate if you want to build complex websites, because it has a lot of tools and there are a lot of extensions to il.
In my opinion frontpage is miles better than the others.

I have used it for years and would never stop
If I were to have to pick a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, it would be Dreamweaver by far. It adds in a lot less superfluous tags the Frontpage, in my experience. I really prefer editing straight text, though. That give me the control I need over formatting and the like. I can't stand when a program adds in so many unnessessary tags, especially ones that aren't valid in the doctype that I've specified. I've also had to convert to many pages to css and the like that the previous author thought was well made. Makes the files ten times larger than they need to be.
notepad , couse it free ... and.. absolutely have it if you install windows os
As probably many did, I've started with Frontpage. Well, would not comment. A lot had been already said. Then moved to Dreamveawer and still using it. Though could not say it's perfect. Nevertheless, it does the job so I'm using it.

(And sometimes Quanta when on the Linux box)
{name here}
I say use Dreamweaver. I use it all the time and its pretty easy to use once you get used to it. I don't really like MS HTML editors after Visual Studio 2000. Adobe/Macromedia is the choice for flexibilty. Nvu is good too, but still under par to frontpage and dreamweaver in my opinion...
I just use NVU because i want to make a webite with nothing and NVU costs nothing!!! I'm sure that Frontpage and dreamweaver aren't bad but i dont lknow them...
I use TACO too which runs only on MAC OS X...
It's powerful and easy but isn't a WYSIWYG
if you can get a free copy of it, if not, I'd suggest trying microsoft visual studio express 2012, it's free but it's a big application and can slow down your cpu, but it's great if you're not a professional front-end developer who can do everything from just notepad
between those you mentioned my suggestion is dreamweaver but if you ask me i will tell you to go for notepad++ it is better than wasting money on any of these, what you need to do in html can be done easily with many sample codes around internet, just use them and a notepad++ will do everything you want.
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