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What about China?

What's your thought about China?
Do you have any interest in this country?
How do you think the past and now of China?
And these Chinese?
China might be a little bit mysterious, but I think it is interesting.
bioinfo_lcs wrote:
What's your thought about China?

Big country, over 1000 000 000 inhabitants, old culture, communism,.. and so on.
To understand China and people of China is a huge task.
I am sorry, but I have not now time for that.
Maybe some day I will learn more about China.
Maybe you can start with reading some books about Tong dynasty....China in this period had dignity and opulance in its culture and economy.
China would be interesting to visit.

Hopefully i can visit China for business purposes this year!

I like to see the great wall and other historic place of China.
China is the new America
always bigger and cheaper than anyone else on the market
no history that goes beyond Mao's cultural revolution
exorbitant national pride
exorbitant unmindfulness
huge country, huge nation, but only a minimalistic horizon for an individual
China is a rapidly emerging economy and a global superpower. I would love to see China becoming big enough in terms of it's economy and a competitor to that of the United States'. I think they predicted that it would happen in 2020.

Other than that, I'd love to visit China. I'd love to check out the major cities. They produce like almost everything that the world sells. China might be the place best suitable for shopping. I mean, we could get cheap but awesome products like those from Xiaomi and Huawei in China, exclusively and easily.
I have the opposite feeling about China. Probably after an unsuccessful visit a few years ago to Ghangzou in the south. Looked like an economy of exploitation, with plenty of pollution, cars that are not always in good repair, roads that aren't in good repair. And people who are very aggressive in wanting to do business with you on their own terms.

Technically China is running the world economy as far as I can see with undercutting prices for large construction projects all over the world. I've seen them doing it in the Middle East and getting the projects at the expense of better quality. They've put many businesses out of commission with their low cost gift markets and plastic equipment, which are manufactured in China factories at the expense of the Chinese population who are paid nothing almost, and have to suffer environmental pollution on top of it as well.

Don't know how the US calculates that China has not caught up with it yet. But then global economics has become so nebulous in its embellishments of spreadsheets. I'd say China has been in the driving seat for many years already. Usually starts with a Chinese delegation to a country to check out opportunities. The signature of a few agreements. Next a large community of Chinese are exported from China to that country and they set up local businesses in competition, looking after themselves without providing employment to any one else but Chinese citizens. I've seen that happening in Vancouver Canada. I've also seen in happening in a few countries in Africa and also in the Middle East.
I agree that I think China will become a huge player in the world in the next decade or so. Even over the century. It has been such an economic powerhouse that it has risen to the ranks of the top counties economically and that has created more power to it than other countries. The problems it has been having are slowly being addressed and environmental problems they are looking at.

Even right now it is very involved with all the things that we buy. Since it has so much power over these materials and supplies, there isn't something that it doesn't have to do in order to exercise some of that power politically. But then it also creates a co-dependent reelationship with the other countries because it needs someone to buy alll their products that they make.
It's really interesting to see how well will things work out for them. Chinese people have quite an appetite to become the great power they once were but their economy is extremely overheated right now and the fact that life standards have gone so much up lately also has many negative influences that threaten that powerful economy - for example, everything is Made in China because China was cheap, but since standards go up, worker fees go up as well and for few years already many businesses are moving to other, cheaper countries because Chinese companies are now asking for "too much". When enough businesses move elsewhere, the backbone of Chinese economy and the reason why it's so powerful worldwide today (including unhumane work conditions that benefit it and that we willingly benefit from whether we want to admit it or not) becomes shattered.

Chinese government is smart though and they do great job of protecting their own interest. In fact I don't think any other country does that so well, here in Europe every govenment whenever you look at is a laughingstock of clowns with no loyalty to anything nor healthy moral system. I admire Chinese for that.

China, Japan and Singapore - those are fantastic countries and I am thinking about moving to Japan when I get older as my girlfriend and I are extremely fond of its culture. The though of having to learn Japanese scares the living hell out of me though!
In my opinion China is only a single country which continuously grow in all fields.
China is our neighbor to the north but I guess China has a lot of neighbors so it's not a big thing. Also, my friend is currently visiting and travelling through China and she is shopping for me there and I guess that I will be receiving a lot of new things this year.

Anyways, I feel that China is a very big economy and a very powerful world influencer. It is one of those countries that is able to balance the power with the west with it's large scale economy and how much the world is dependent on it. I mean, everything that I use is either manufactured in India or China. From all the clothes to shoes and electronics come from China. All the big brands have their factories set up in China and when you look under the label you always see Made in China.

Another thing that I know about China is that it is hugeeeee is size and there is a lot of exploring that the country offers. From shopping destination to sight seeing and pleasure seekers, China is the place to be. Now, I have not been there first hand to see what is there but I bet the huge country offers a lot more in terms of tourism. The Great wall of China comes to mind.

All and all, I'd like to visit the country some day. I hope I get to.
Now the discussion is

is China the partner of Obama
is Europe the partner of Obama?
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