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A Camera Collection ?

I love vintage cameras and last few years I have been collecting old cameras which I can find in yard-sales etc. Now I have a small collection of 10 cameras. Vintage Cameras and Polaroid cameras. My favorite one is an Instant camera from 50's one called Polaroid Land Cameras.

Anyone here have a collection of cameras ? Not latest stuff but old models ?
dude_xyx wrote:
I love vintage cameras and last few years I have been collecting old cameras which I can find in yard-sales etc

What a nice idea!
I have not collected old fashion cameras, but I have somewhere in my drawers some old cameras.
I will search these cameras and place them in a safe place.
Yep. I have started having interest in after seen all beautiful vintage camera models in Pinterest. I found some cameras from estay and ebay for cheap but shipping was too high. So I have started checking around in those dollar shops and yard sales. ))
I've always liked the Polaroids, I'm sad to see them go. They were my favorite camera and I remember being so amazed that the pictures would come out so quickly.
Well there new Polaroid models and also Fujifilm makes really good Instant camera models for cheap prices. Polaroid is becoming a trend again.
i still have some analog cameras, an old canon ftb, a lomo, and a not that old olympus pocket camera - but since i have digital cameras i barely use them, the film-roll in there must be stuck there allready for about 10 years... i wonder if it has been spoilt yet or not.
i really liked to take fotos with the analog camera, where i had to adjust everything manually, the problem about them for me is just the procedure to get some films, to bring them somewhere to develope the negatives and then the fotos... it takes quite a lot of time.
so i bought a digital camera with quite good options for manual adjustments...

my lady's old man has a collection of cameras of all sizes, big ones, pocket cameras, polaroid cameras, anything, if he finds them on a flea-market he would buy them for cheap... so over the years the collection has grown to two shelves...
Well better check those film cameras if you want those to be in good condition. 10 years is a long time and those film reels get ruined in hot weather and could ruin those cameras too.
i remember, in a faint distant past, some fotographer guy in one of the shared student appartments i lived in, he used to keep his film rolls in the fridge...
his idea was that the loss of temperature decelerates the chemical reaction which causes the deterioration of the film material. so this was based on an error?
That was true. Even old instant film packs used to kept in fridge or those would ruin in if there is hot weather. But new instant film packs are not effected by heat.
This whole Polaroid/Instax idea is nice. But you can also have mobile Instax Printer which will "print" photos from your smartphone on the very same instant film pack... That's pretty neat if someone ask me Smile
Yeah Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer SP-1 is really a cool item but phone never gives you the feel you get from an good old Polaroid camera. haha. Ah There is new camera released by Fujfilms. It's called Instax Mini Hello Kitty. You can get it from Amazon for around $130. Cute camera which would a nice gift for a girl. lol
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