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70's Rock

Not sure if people nowadays actually listen to the good-old 70's rock music. Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Queen, etc. I love them!!! But people now seem to listen mostly to Green Day, Kelly Clarkson, what shame.... Rolling Eyes
There was so much more heart & soul in the music produced years ago.

(That's not to say that the music industry hasn't always been shallow & materialistic, but it just feels like most of today's artists are majorly lacking in the sincerity department.)

And a lot of newer bands & artists get their commercial foot in the door by covering a song from years past. Oftentimes, that cover song turns out to be the only decent thing they do.

manhattan<3, you're absolutely right; there's nothing like listening to some classic rock or even a little (gasp! Shocked ) disco to get your day off to a good start. Laughing
I love Pink Floyd.. That's about it for 70's.
i love this song
The 70s was a fine time for music! Rush, Yes, King Crimson, Van Der Graff Generator, and all the rest of that damned fine Prog came to light at this time.

Not to mention quality Fusion, Funk, and Soul!!
I love Pink floyd ..Ac/dc...Supertramp..and others. I don't care about the year of the songs but just listen it. The 70's group rock are free group and not commercial group like green day and blink. that's why i love this music.
Floyd is the greatest band ever. 70's music was the highlight of music (exception of classical music periods). Mtv's birth destroyed most good music. Emo sucks.

Oh yeah, disco was terrible.
I'm not much for classical music seeing as how the whole thing just bothers me...don't really know why. But I seriously love the old bands. Now all the people listen to the bands that's just a rip-off of the originals and trying to be "new" When they're just like every other band out pathetic. Sad
I have learned that music in 1970's mostly is all about rock! Glitter Rock for one and Glam Rock as well are the trend in this decade! One song that is very popular from this era is Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.
Later on, the rock thing was taken over by disco music! In fact, Saturday Night Fever was a hype! All rock stars also released disco-flavored music to cater to the public's listening ears!
Now, that's a fact! Laughing
Another SONG that I absolutely love to listen to over and over again is Hotel California by the Eagles...

It may not be Rock, but it's the best song of all time Wink
ac/dc is my favorite 70;s rock band
"What shame" hardly describes it. Nobody listens to the real music anymore, they listen to power chord concertos from Green Day. Honestly, I could pick up a guitar and play power chords with my amazing 2 week guitar experience. Really, no vocal talent, no musical talent, so why do people like them? My guess is 1. they think they have to in order to be cool and 2. they are anti-Bush, which is a 1-Way ticket to being popular.
lol Laughing


I feel like 4/5 of America are Anti-bush so not much for being unique there. Maybe it's just cause i've lived in two democratic states both hating Bush.


I've never heard MUSIC by AC/DC, but I've heard of it though. Most of my friends love it. Question
AC/DC are cool, real raw rock! so much better than most modern artists, Led Zep are better tho!

however there is still quite a lot of current music which i enjoy, people wiht actual talent for songwriting... the Kaiser Chiefs, Wolfmother, Steve Vai, The Arctic Monkeys

oh yeah, and FRANK ZAPPA RULES!
Well, I listen to Eric Clapton, he was very populair in the seventies. They called him "GOD", so thats my favoriete singer from the '70

That song rocks and the whole thing is just great. (including the long long long music at the end that has no words.) Led Zeppelin is definately one of the best...
I love the music of the 70's. I listen to The Doors, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd all the time. I personally find "Atom Heart Mother" and "Dark Side of the Moon" to be particularly great albums of Pink Floyd's.

I believe there are two huge reasons why classic rock is rediscovered by each new generation. Firstly, teenagers, as they grow in their musical experience, realize that the pop music of today is simply not sincere. There are repeated themes and images, all of which are becoming modern cliché. Also, the few that are naturally musically inclined are beginning to discover that today's music is not musically challenging. It is most simple and a re-creation of the last pop hits.

Queen is musically extremely difficult. Floyd and Zeppelin are musically simple in their root (chord progressions simple) but then they use intricate rhythms, bass and lead guitar to make it interesting. Another person to do that was Bach (with, of course, the strings and the harpsicord), and he's been around for hundreads of years of re-discovery of music.
Ya, thats true, people should listen 2 more queen !!!
YMCA hit song came from this era. Also, Saturday Night Fever, Grease, and all the hits of BeeGees!
Very Happy nice !
It's true, most of the "famous" songs that everybody(almost everybody) likes is some of the oldest songs ever. Like Hotel California, We Are the Champions(is that one that old?). Some people should be MADE to listen to it... Wink
I love 70's music all of the suden every1 in my school is all about.....
The music is falling by every day that passes, you can still find good music nowadays iff you dig past all the crap (green day, usher...).
Don't forget Blue Öyster Cult.
I grew up listening to 70's rock and I must admit, I'm still amazed at how much of it is still being played.
I can't help but compare it to the "Disco Scene" that was also going on at the time. You don't hear near as many disco songs anymore.....thank God, but Floyd, Sabbath, Clapton, Sprinstien and other greats just seem to keep going on.
I personally think the main culprit is the music companies themselves. John Cougar Meloncamp once made the comment that "If the music industry had the same standards back then as they do now, no one would have made it".
The industry is out for the quick buck. They don't have the patience to wait for someone to turn into a superstar. They give you a moment of glory, then move on to the next flash.
manhattan<3 wrote:

That song rocks and the whole thing is just great. (including the long long long music at the end that has no words.) Led Zeppelin is definately one of the best...

The joke "back in the day" was when the DJ played that song...and other long instrumentals like Skynard's Freebird, or Ina Gada Da Vida (Iron Butterfly).... he had slipped out to smoke a joint!
I'm sure it happened a few times!
The 70's was good for rock, its just the appalling pop and glam rock that let the entire decade down i think. Truely Pink Floyd forever.
70's was the era where people actually created music... not covers, no samplings, actually wrote new originals songs... and it was great music...
I grew up listening to Queen, and I still love 'em!
Even if I'm all for metal music and almost everything I listen to is metal, I could still spend a whole day listening to Bohemian Rhapsody. Razz
Yes I do! AC/DC, Eagles, Scorpions, Queen, Led Zepplin, Guns n roses, Velvet Revolver, Beatles, Deep purple, Jimmy Hendrix, Rolling Stones
Black Sabbath...duh!
I listen to anything that sounds good 60's 70's 80's 90's etc... They all have some cool tunes in their own right...
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