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My New Site!!

I'm using my site to display all my books, poems, graphics, etc. Just things I have made. I usually don't get much feedback, so I am hoping to get some here.
I hope my site helps me, and I hope you enjoy reading the full version of my books when I finish writing them. I hope you also ejoy using the graphics when I get them up, and that you like my poems.

Please tell me what you think! ^^


My site is now more interactive. Now writers of all ages may register, submit their own poetry, books, stories, graphics and such, and comment on everyone elses!
hi jessie,

some of your images have not loaded correctly... are you aware of this?

I've got some suggestions for you; this is regarding modifying your source code. I opened it and noticed you had some "unended" codes, so to speak.
      Dancing Rain-Home
body, td, font, p, i {color: black; font:10pt arial;}
A {color: #FFFFFF; font:13pt arial; text-decoration:none;}
A:hover {color: #black; font:13pt arial; text-decoration:none;cursor:crosshair}}
font, td, p, i, xmp, u{font-family:verdana;font-size:8pt;font-weight:normal;line-height:8pt;font-style:normal}
select {border: 2px dashed #0066ff}
input, textarea, select, option{
border: 1px solid #FFFFFF;font-size: 10pt;font-family: arial; background-color:#black; color:black; margin: 1px; style: solid;}
<body background="">
  <IMG SRC="
" style="position: absolute; left: 0; top: 0" width="675" height="327">
<div style="position: absolute; left: 237; top: 275; z-index: 2; width: 327; height: 677">
If you noticed, you've got some code snippets unfinished there, especially with your IMG specs. If I were to guess, that could be a problem. Also, you could make sure that the URL of the images is correct, or that your CSS coencides with the HTML.

I hope that helps!
oh, shit....
i want it ~"~
They worked before, but then I looked at the website the next day and the images weren't working. I can't wait until modblog's image hosting is back. They have some kind of problem. They are a bloggin community, and I could upload big images there. My images don't work from modblog! *CRYS*
I don't really know what to say. If your just making your website then I'd have to say you have a lot of work still to do and if your making it about yourself and work you've done remember to get an audience you have to have what the audience wants to see (Supply & Demand). But ya good luck with the website.
Well, once I fix the layout, which I am about to do. Been a while since I've been on here, I was grounded.
Anyways, my friend has been reading the books I've been writing so if I show her my website once the layout is fixed, she can look at it over the summer when I am not able to talk to her much.
She can also get her friends that are interested in the same thing to look at it, and so-on.
I want it to be perfect before I show her the website.
This site worked perfectly 4 me
Pretty cool site Wink but maybe you could use a lighter font on your dark background because the text can get a bit hard to read.
This is a abstract site,i like it .
too dark for me
Ok. I'll be sure to fix it. Things can look different on different computers. I have no trouble reading it, but I'll sit here and think of what crazy font color I can think of that will look good on it.
Hey that looks pretty cool
Needs a lot of work!!! I suggest maybe finding some stuff like games, etc. to add to it to attract people to it.
nice layout add more contents
I like the color theme, but the background is kinda annoying
the background makes it really hard to read anything.

cool poetry though
Background image - change it to something better. You can take bright green background for a page and dark grey background color for table.
Okay, I changed the font color. Can you see that better?
If I change the background, I'll have to change the whole layout.
I don't want to make a new layout, yet. But in a few months, I'll probably start working on a new one.
And I don't really know where to get some games. Could anyone tell me. And I'm trying to think of some new content to put on it. I was mainly going to use it for things I wrote, but I guess you're right about needing more content.
ur blog still rox keep up e gd work...
good work jessief
JessieF wrote:
I'm using my site to display all my books, poems, graphics, etc. Just things I have made. I usually don't get much feedback, so I am hoping to get some here.
I hope my site helps me, and I hope you enjoy reading the full version of my books when I finish writing them. I hope you also ejoy using the graphics when I get them up, and that you like my poems.

Please tell me what you think! ^^

cool site.Keep it!
Anyone have any ideas for more content on my website?
wow man that site made me really dizzy....think of a better layout with some complimentary colors.
I think that the poems on there are great! Very Happy
But I think you could possibly do a bit of work on the layout...
Good Luck with your site! Very Happy
wow,your website is great,pls continue to working for it.
I've made a new layout, and I have some ideas for a little more content. I just need to make some images for the layout.
Alright, the layout updates are complete! Very Happy
Now I need to work on osme content!
why not focus more on bringing the emphasis upon your work?
Most of the stuff on the site is by me.
you may start to make more content
are you using a CMS? or is that a custom page?
looks OK, but could be better. you definitly need content. nad mabe some pics Smile
should improve on it day by day. like addign some nice flash banners here and there or could use cutephp which is quite good - refering to cutephp. yea many people use cutephp like habbolitez, summer-punch yea many uses that but you would have to learn how to use it first as it is not very easy to understand it. juz an opinion
lol it doesn't work the link for me i mean i don't know if it works for you but for me it doesn't what's the problem with it???
how can that be i just opened it right now. um you coul try clearing your cache then try to open the link again. by the way you could try not click the link itself but copy it and then paste it right at the url box. that way might help as it does sometimes help for my computer
I like your website! But I was just looking at your source code, and I notice that you dont have a doctype declariation... That could confuse some browsers, and you site won't show up at all... (But then again, I may be wrong...) Also, you should change the title that shows up in the browser window to "Dancing Rain" instead of the time, because when people bookmark your site, the name would be the time, which doesn't really have anything to do with your website. Finally, try to make the links to your works more noticeable... I would've thought it was a blog if you didn't mention that it had poems on it. If you fix those things, your website would be really awesome.
Actually, I understand php pretty good. I just can't make them with my crappy computer.
Header image "Dancing Rain" dublicates in resolution 1152X864
Well, I have an idea for more content, and I am abuot to put my poetry back up as well as some graphics. Also my bro made an anime music video, so if you want to watch it just click the link on the homepage! Very Happy
I like the color theme, but the background is kinda annoying
I should be adding more content soon. I have plenty of things to add.
Hi there JessieF! I think your page is COOL. Except I tried the chat link and it said it was non-existent. I figure maybe its something you're still working on. Anyways, good luck and all the best for you site. Very Happy Cool
Yea, I am. Thanks for the comments. I really appreciate it. I will now keep my points up and start updating my site. Otherwise, it's going to site there and rot, and that would waste space for others who would actually use. So here I go, to update my site! Very Happy
I've made nice updates. I'm just wondering if it looks alright on other peopels' computers. Please tell me how the front page looks to you. I can't seem to think of a layout for the "personal" section, and the "RPG" section. Nor the "graphics" section.
Could anyone give me a layout idea?
im digging the picture in the looks cool..but your links are broekn and spread out ..wrong places ..hard to navigate i dont think it was supposed to come out that way but im sure ull fix it sometime.
Motoracer380 wrote:
im digging the picture in the looks cool..but your links are broekn and spread out ..wrong places ..hard to navigate i dont think it was supposed to come out that way but im sure ull fix it sometime.

If you're talking about the graphics link, and the rpg link (probably this one too) , then it's not exactly broken. I simply haven't created this yet.

And I'm trying to make it look nice. Can you make a screen shot of what my front page looks like. I'm not a real expert at making it look the same on different browsers, and different computer settings, so if I saw what you saw on your computer it might help me a bit.

I'm about to fix this problem by trying something I haven't tried before.
Nevermind. I think I've finished it. Please try to navigate on my website.
The only link that may not work right now is graphics. I plan to get it up once I get the other pages up. I might, however, make the page and say it's under construction.

Thanks, everyone, for helping with my site. It's greatly appreciated!
I've done even more updates. I hope someone checks it out, now.
It's way better than it was, and I really want some opinions.
I'm going to do some more updates. I hope someone has something
else helpful to say. I really appreciate the help. Smile
Is anyone going to help me with my site. I've fixed the homepage a while ago, and I realy want to know what y'all think. I finally have content on my site, as well, and I should be adding more.
Typical. No one has replied. I guess no one wants to help me anymore? Sad
Black background with Dancing Rain

your website figure is very great!
Thanks, and whaoh, I haven't been doing much lately! o.o' Ehh, I think I need to majorly post around here. Hehe. Shocked
Here's An Update Over My Site

I've totally re-made my site! Everything should be organized now, and there shouldn't be any broken links (if there are, please tell me).

There's a complete new skin, and I have loads of content up, now. Most things that I don't use anymore have been deleted (such as images from older skins). Which, there were loads of those, too, becase I just couldn't find the right layout for my site. Finally, I've found it, and I am throughly pleased with it. So, now I would like to know what its appearance is on your computer and browser.

I have at least thirty poems up, one story, and I'll have my graphics and drawings up in a few hours or so. I am tired from re-modeling the site, fixing all the broken links, editing all of the poems so that they looked good on the new layout, etc.

If a few of the links on the "My Other Works" page aren't working, it's because that's the only thing that I haven't gotten up, yet. Like I've said, I'll get those up in a few hours, or so.

A few new additions is the Fan Web, and the Submissions and Commenting Forms. Feel free to submit your own works of art to be displayed, or to affiliate with me (I'll get the affiliation form up ASAP).

I'll also create a forum in the future. First I must plan the forum out before I even begin to create it.

Another new addition to my site is the Calendar. I'll have the whole year up, and next year if I ever find the time to do so.

As for more ideas over content, they're still appreciated. I mean to add so much more once I have everything one-hundred percent organized, and up.

Here is the link:

Comments and suggestions are appreciated!

Thank you so much,
OK lest's go :

The result is good Smile

Neverteless i think you could make something better about ur banner.
There is a broken link here

In the nav bar you should try to avoid changing size of cap to prevent error clics
I don't know if you can change this, but it's a bit annoying for me that the menu moves when I roll over the menu items. If the menu is made with CSS, could it be that the menu items are placed "relative"?
But altogether, the site looks clean and nice.
I like it that you made a page for non-existant pages. But you could fix the "my drawings"-page anyway Very Happy
Looks really nice.. Good job. Navigation really easy
Dancing Rain has been deleted. But I am back with a new site.

My blog for my poetry and short stories: (powered by Wordpress)

I moved all my short stories and poems from my main site to the blog. As soon as I decide what the main page will look like I will take the CMS down and use css and HTML to link to the blog, a plugboard, and the graphic part of my site(which I am currently working on at the moment as well).
hmmm, my thoughts are that it is way too cluttered. too much info at once, plus the font colour choice makes it physically hard to read (or to want to read). just my thoughts...
Yea, that's why I was in the process of getting rid of that CMS. The articles (containing my poetry, short stories, and novels, and such) and the graphics/layout section are both using WordPress, but on different sub-domains, and on different tables in the database. =] I hope my site and the content within it is a lot more organized.

Thank you for your input. xD
I went back to the CMS I was using before. But it is a newer version and I can now install extensions that will allow my site to be more interactive. Anyone who is interested in writing, graphics, and coding may join my site and submit their work, or comment work by other people.
Very cool...
For the most part it looks very clean and organized, a good base for your site! Just add a bit more content and it will look like a angel made it!
Jooma... Nice site you have Very Happy
good layout... just add more content and u'll be set Smile
I like your site's design. Smile I'm just a bit irky about the structure.

I see that this is a personal site and that you're using Joomla. I find that the page is too busy, there's so much going on. The thing that I hate about Joomla is that it has lots of boxes for different stuff. Well, you can actually modify that. For portal sites, I think having that structure is OK. Not for a personal site though. I think a 2 column layout structure will be enough, since you already got a menu on top.

Overall it looks good. Keep it up! Smile
Well, I am still using Joomla, however I've expanded past being just a personal website. However, I'm not sure how I should organize my links. They're driving me insane!

Oh, and I am having difficulty in finding a nice layout. I haven't found one that I want to stick to. >.>;
Arrow Looked at the site right away, then read the posts in forum. Want to come back to the site to read more and to post something perhaps. Thanks for the invite to become a member. Do you send out newsletters to people or simple reminder invites?

I see by the posts in this forum you have made some improvements and the site is evolving from a personal site to a more public site. Super! I actually think your site has some great potential. See I do want to come back and read more of your stuff and perhaps contribute if that is ok.

The one member you have at present (we all need to start somewhere don’t we – me too, I’ve just started recently really doing something with my site as well so have a long way to go) says when he joined and returned ‘never!’ not a great word to put there is it, sounds to me like he didn’t like it but that is maybe not true – but i guess it does that automatic?

My only suggestion for now is a thought actually . . . people want to join as a member to your site why? I think there are a lot of possibilities for reasons to join – lots of people simply want exposure or like yourself feedback and sometimes support by other members.

Simply creating this post was a good idea and I hope you do well with your site. Impressive really, keep going!

“Don’t let the imitators fool you. Whether you think it or not, we’re all unique in our own ways. You are unique.” . . . Jessie F
i like the background colour its nice it match with your theme thats great...
You should add this to your cascading style sheet:
.buttonheading img {
border: none;

Adri Wink

Thank you so much for your feedback. You have given me one of the best bits of feedback so far. The funny thing is I was thinking about a newsletter just yesterday, but I wasn't sure if I should make one. Just because you mentioned newsletters that'll be one of my next projects.


Thanks for the coding. I didn't make the template, but I couldn't tell if there was a border there or not. You see, I have a big screen, and as I was zooming in with Firefox I noticed there was a border. Then I'd zoom in again, and it would vanish!

I'll make some improvements and come back here later.
Quite nice style!
I like it!

But 1 point:
I think it would look better if you use "text-align: left;" and not "text-align: justify;" for the headers of the articles. It looks a little bit confusing.

just 2 cents
Perhaps you are using Internet Explorer? IE sucks, truly it does. Firefox is good, but I don't know about any of the others.

And you can select other skins. I have a poll up right now to vote for one of the skins. =] Also, there is now a forum.
I finally settled on three skins. I may delete another, and just stay with two.

I have also installed a different PM System, a little better than the last, but it's doesn't have everything I think users will definitely want. There's now a Userlist, and the option to delete your own account. Also, there's a new form where you can recommend my site to friends of yours.
nice site !
Wow! The website looks really nice! Congratulations!

The style is great and the layout as well. Go on, with such work!

Thanks! ^-^ I finally found the perfect web template! I just edited the banner some, and messed with the forum template to make it match the joomla template.

I've been advertising some, but obviously I haven' t found the right audience. I need to affiliate with some graphic, GIMP, and poetry/literature websites.
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