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lost account info

Hello guys.. I have deleted my cookies etc.. from my computer and lost all of my logins luckily i could get into this one Smile

The account I am referring to is " xpcpro " I use the , hosting service. When i went to " lost password " It seemed i couldn't match up my email address with the username.
I made the account simply because i wanted my subdomain to match my username, It is odd I know.

I am trying to get access to this account, Maybe i can verify some files inside the account, Such as things the owner would only know.

I can verify sections that i have books, ( A database driven website - php/mysql ), and certain files that would allow me to work on other computers, A remote login.

p.s. This site use to be hosted with godaddy, with the domain , I am trying to regain this domain and site so i can continue with the service you guys offer, And i really dont want to loose all my code I have written.

I would appreciate everything you guys could do for me. Thanks!
Basically, you got away with creating a duplicate account, breaking the FriHost rules and are looking for admin help to continue to break the rules? Forum Rules - Look at 1.J

An admin may help you, but I think you likely got yourself into some hot water in the process (if they take note and do anything).
I see.

Their is no reason why I cant suffer the wrath, if need be. If deleting this account after i got access to the "xpcpro" account, would resolve the issue I could do that, and be willing to loose my points, Frih$, and coins would just be a small sacrifice for the hours ive put into the code.

I apologize to the community for such movements, It was in not interest of mine to do any misbehaving.
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