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How do you know if your learning project was successful?

I have just finished creating a presentation for my organization, how do I know if the learners will transfer their learning to the workplace?

it's your organization. you work/study there. don't you know anybody who work/study with/form the "learners"?
Very little actual learning occurs during presentations. Learning comes by creating new neurons, and new connections with existing neurons. These connections don't happen by sitting and watching presentations.

Research shows that actual learning occurs when people discover new ideas, concepts, or other self discoveries. Hands on learning is also typically more productive than lecture type learning. Either way I wouldn't much of what you "taught" your learners to get carried over.

If you did want to find out the answer just conduct an anonymous survey to your students, and hopefully you can yield some useful results.
any course or learning activity should have a follow up. Your presentation can be usefull in a lot of ways: direct improvement in their work, new ideas, better performance and so on.
Why not ask (anonimously) what don't you ask directly, via a google form, what your target audience benefit? Usualy in that forms you need to pose some closed answered questions for statistics and other open answered questions for real feedback from wich you can improve your future presentations or learning projects
Well. Yes and No.
My last learning project was a Lunch and Learn session. It was about PID loop implementation in Allen Bradley PLCs.
Beside technical detail, I am here to discus if that session was really helpful.
It gave theoretical information in depth. It covered some practical aspects as well.
But, I think is will not help me to an extent was I was needed.
the reason is if did not end up with a assignment.
So the the chance is I'll forget it gradually over the passage of time.
In my opinion, if a learning session end up with some exercise, questionnaire and implementation then it becomes fruitful, other wise it end up as common theoretical knowledge which will not help greatly upon the time of implementation.
What we can do, it may not practical all the times, in our busy lives, to assign an exercise to ourselves. If we are instructors, we should allocate time for some exercise for the audience.
You can check in with them afterwards to see what they ahve done. You can't really predict what people will do after you interact with them, which is why studying behavior change is so difficult. Instead, all you can rely on are surveys, unless there is a concrete way of measuring the amount of influence you have had on someone.
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