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Interview technique? Who will you go as?

There are certain rules when going for an interview that get's you to your end of interview objective: Consideration.
However do you want to bring yourself to an interview or just a "pretend person that does not exist"?

Here are three points you should observe both as person "a" the "pretend person that does not exist"
and person "b" which is the real you.

person "a"
(a)Punctuality: Arrives 5 minutes before the interview and is sat down waiting to be interviewed in good time for the proposed interview time
(b)Dress: In a fashion that does not separate you from 1000's of others so you appear in a standard dress condition.
(c)Attitude: Body language is almost robotic or "clone like"

person "b"
(a)Punctuality: Keep 'em waiting, at least 30minutes late.
(b)Dress: Fashionable as if you were going out socially.
(c)Attitude: Dynamic and unrehearsed body movement. Relaxed and casual.

If you go as person "a" you might get the job but do you want it? Are you not showing that you cannot perform as an individual and thinking independently?

If you go as person "b" then you must have brought something else to the interview. After all you were marked as "unconventional" as soon as you walked through the door.

Which person would you go as?
If you are 30 minutes late for an interview with me (without calling) then there will be no interview. Late now, late always!
It's difficult. It would be a brave person that flouts convention!
None of the two. Unconventional may be "cute" but for people who are busy punctuality at interviews is usually non-negotiable. You may give them 5 to 10 minutes. But after 10 minutes the interview is over.
Generally but what if you have 10 interviews?
Your the one calling the shots!
chasbeen wrote:

Your the one calling the shots![/size]
That doesn't exist! The employer calls the shots. I've been exposed to a lot of HR from the employer side. To disrespect the employer by acting "unconventional" and "30 minutes late", will nix you completely. Even in an unconventional environment.
You are correct for more than 99% of interviews.
Can anyone still turn around the situation if they go as person "b"?

They would have to have a stella interview and sell themselves completely as being definitely the best candidate.
Showing up 30 minutes late for an interview is not good. Unless you have a really good excuse as to why you are late. I have never seen a place that allows you to be late.

I was once about an hour late to take a final. Luckily I had a decent story to back up why I was late. Earlier that day we got a call for a person trapped in a confined space. The incident ended up being a fatal and we had to be deconed and have blood taken because it was a hazardous material (raw sewage). I explained to the teacher why I was late and told him a bit about what had happened and because of that he let me take the test and I'm pretty sure he gave me a good grade on the test just for that. Everything I had told him was backed up by news articles the next day so he knew I wasn't lying.

On a side note to that it is illegal in PA to turn me away from taking the test as I was in a volunteering role with the fire department.
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