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Free VST -Nuendo

Where I can get free VST-Instrument that have a really good quality ?
Something like Korg or Roland ... ? Laughing
Nothing will be like korg or roland, but you can google for "free vst" and there will be a lot of links which provide free vsts.

I'm not sure if it is still free. But db glitch was/is a nice one.

Perhaps you can use that?
Nothing will be like korg or roland,

Fundamentally yes, also Korg re-released the MS-20 for example so you can still get classic gear, but new.

db glitch is good if used sparingly, it popularized already existing IDM/glitch production techniques so much that a lot of people in the know kind of go "ergh" if they hear dbg presets... be wary of that. In terms of software synths that are free. Pretty damn sure this is free but I can't immediately find a download anywhere, that is quite a lot of modular flexibility for a free VST. I want to let you in on a little secret though: even 200 quid VSTs can be actually not all that, buying a 80s synth for 100 quid or so like a roland alpha juno for example. It brings up the whole "analog vs digital" sillyness which I'm not going to get into but to be perfectly honest for production purposes you are better off with hardware synths. I've used Korg Legacy Collection which emulates some of their older synths very well actually, another good one is "Lush 101" for a rough approximation of the Roland SH-101 a classic house synth. But if you actually go and look at the price they are asking for these things, you may want to actually get a synth instead lol. If you want something from this century, you may want to consider a Microkorg.. I had one since 2005 and I am still finding new ways to use it.
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