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Black Thanksgiving

Regardless of what you think of the stores opening during Thanksgiving, do you plan on trying to go shopping on the holiday?

I think I'll go to JCPenney, mostly because of the $10 off $10 or more coupon being handed out according to their ad.
I like using them but I'm guessing it will exclude all of their deals.

It's the perfect excuse to say:
I'd love to help you cook all day for the Thanksgiving dinner, but Radio Shack is opening at 8am. I gotta get in line pretty early if I'm going to get the good stuff. I pray that they don't run out of radios.
I'll pay full price in order to not deal with the crowds.

Having worked in retail, I find the ends that people will go to to spend more money than they otherwise would have in order to get a "deal" to be both amusing and disgusting Razz
I refuse to go out shopping. I'm also not the shopping type. My Aunts and Mom go out every year though so if I ever needed something I could ask them.

I don't agree with the stores opening on Thanksgiving. Today is a day to be with family not to be at work.
Luckily we don't have thanksgiving here, no turkeys
I also don't like crowds. I far rather purchase what I need online.
I like to find thigns online too, but sometimes I neeed to go to the store bceause I have to try them on first. Otherwise, I just camp for deals online and buy them that way.
Online shopping is what I prefer too. This year, Black Friday madness spread to my country too.
The cool thing is we now have cyber monday. I'd rather do my shopping sitting in front of my computer for sure.
Da Rossa
Here in Brazil people are so easily misguided. They see a "60% off" ad and rush to the stores. They don't realise the price was jacked up in the week before. The District Attorney's office has brought some actions against this malpractice in the market for consumer unfairness.
I can get better deals at other times so why get into the crowds. Apparently other people feel the same way as sales were up sightly for early thanksgiving but down for Friday.
Based on the past couple of years, it was evident that stores would keep one-upping each other and starting the sales earlier and earlier. I didn't expect them to go this far back so soon, though. They'll pretty much be on top of a typical Thanksgiving dinner next year. I don't have a problem with businesses operating on Thanksgiving, that's their choice (although employees should never be forced to work, and those that choose to naturally deserve to get higher wages), but I certainly noted much lower enthusiasm this year (at least among people I know). Starting sales this early on Thanksgiving was a mistake. But, I guess it could also be down to deals that are no better than typical weekly sales (sometimes worse). The deals are probably the worst they've been in at least the last 15 years.

I have never waited in line on Black Friday before. All the good deals occur on the internet, anyway. That's where I (and I imagine many others here) am on my home turf. Multiple computers with multiple browsers with auto-refresh scripts, page change addons, prepped payment, and some nice food have lead to some exquisite deals past that were only up for minutes. This year, there was nothing worth buying, but I did pick up a few free after rebate items online (they weren't a part of Black Friday sales, and I get them several times a year). I picked up a couple video games on Cyber Monday as well, which was a little better, but nothing special.

Black Friday was once a day where you could, genuinely, get the best deals of the year. Now it only consists of subpar deals that are beaten several times a year or, at best, a Black Friday exclusive item which has been neutered or rebadged with a premium brand to fool unknowing consumers.
From ebay I got a tablet for 70 dollars. The normal price for that tablet was 299 dollars.
jajarvin wrote:
From ebay I got a tablet for 70 dollars. The normal price for that tablet was 299 dollars.
WOW! What a great deal! Wish I could be there to buy my sister a tablet. Probably need to check out online offers tomorrow.
jajarvin wrote:
From ebay I got a tablet for 70 dollars. The normal price for that tablet was 299 dollars.

That is a real good deal. What tablet is it? I never get in on such deals because I don't live where thanks giving, black friday and cyber monday is celebrated.

But luckily online shopping for services work for us. I got around 55% off on web hosting on cyber monday. I bought it for three years. Tons of cash saved. Can't wait to grab such offers in the future when I have to renew my web hosting and domain names.
Table is:
IRULU New Tablet PC 10.1" Google Android 4.4 Kitkat 8GB/1GB HDMI GPS w/ Keyboard
I have now used it for tree weeks time and there is not been any problems.
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