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which scripting language is better?

For quite some time i am struggling to take up a scripting language for automation. Although there are many different languages, but I am confused between python an ruby. Can anyone tell me which would be better?
For automation on windows machines I would even recommend Powershell.

before I started working with powershell I used to hate it. the syntax is ugly and it isn't as intuitive as other automation scripts like jscript ( running on WSH that is, not the browser version )

as far as ruby and python go, both are OO languages butI've had little or no experience with it.

if OO is your thing, in powershell you can define and use C# classes
Python and Ruby are similar in their ease of writing, but it really will depend on which one you are more comfortable in. For simple things, they will each do what you'd like with the same amount of work on your end. For more complicated tasks, you might end up using some sort of third-party framework, and in that case there are plenty available for either language.
I personally find python to be a little easier to write and I prefer its more casual syntax to Ruby, but they are still so similar that I would advise just to pick one and stick with it.
It depends on what you want to achieve.

From a non bias point of view i believe cmd is best at just slapping something together with the least amount of effort. For more complex projects like networking of file/database management i would recommend python. Python is also a great place to start learning code as it encourages both use of simple syntax or complex syntax for more advanced users. You can also use python for large scale projects like: games, web forums and network communication.

Ruby is a bit more limited in a sense. It does have its benefits but I am not experienced much with this language.

Good luck at finding a starting point of scripting!
I like python for small and quick scripts and programs, which I run from the terminal or command line. Especially when I need to copy paste a lot I automate it in this way.

For complex on line tooling, I would prefer Ruby, although I do not like the hassle a new version (installation) takes on my laptop. I kind of quit Ruby when I had updated and the tutorial I was following was very different than Ruby itself. I lost my patience.
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