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Best places to visit in Vegas and LA

I will only have 10 days to visit this two cities.
What are the best places to go knowing that I'm travelling in a group (4 girls and 2 guys) and we all are traditional Christians (no drinking or dancing places).
No point in going to Vegas if you don't plan on dancing, going out, or drinking. I guess you can go to some of the shows. Just remember Vegas is called sin city for a reason though.
Blaster wrote:
No point in going to Vegas if you don't plan on dancing, going out, or drinking. I guess you can go to some of the shows. Just remember Vegas is called sin city for a reason though.

I thought about that, I booked Vegas because was cheaper than booking to LA.
How far is the Grand Canyon from Vegas?
You can still have fun in Vegas without drinking, going to strip clubs, etc. You didn't mention no gambling. One thing that you can do in Vegas is go to the old downtown and play nickle machines (they still have them). You can have fun in a traditional casino but only lose $10 over the course of 2 or 3 hours since the stakes are so low. Since I don't go in with the idea of winning, I don't even consider it gambling. I just consider it spending $10 on a couple of hours of entertainment. You can also set yourself a low limit (maybe $20) and go to a low-stakes blackjack table. Just don't be one of those idiots that maxes out their credit card and loses everything gambling. If you go to the table with the mindset of "I realize that this $20 bill will most likely be gone in about 2 hours but I'm going to have a little fun playing cards with it" then you don't have a problem.

Also, in Vegas, if you stay at a nice resort (my favorite is Mandeley Bay), then they'll have an awesome pool like you've never seen before (wave pool, lazy rivers, etc.). Although if you're there in the winter they may be closed. Also, all of the nice hotels on the strip have amazing architecture. I can spend an entire day just walking through the Luxor (Egyptian style hotel), New York New York, Velentian, Paris, Treasure Island, etc. and looking at all of the beautiful buildings. Also, Treasure Island has a free pirate show (ask for the times), Circus Circus has a circus show, and there's a free water show on the strip. If you want an amazing show, you can pay a little money and see something like Cirque du Soleil (ask your hoteller for suggestions on a show and where to buy tickets).

Another quirky thing in Vegas is the KISS mini-golf course in the Hard Rock Cafe. Mini-golf is fun and on the last hole, you hit the ball up Gene Simmon's tongue. You can also go across the street and eat at a replica of the Hoffbrau Haus (although Vegas is so known for food that I'd go somewhere else). Which brings me to my next point.... EAT. Vegas has EVERYTHING. Great food is everywhere. Have fun.

Los Angeles..... My home... LA is more of a concept. When people vacation here, they generally vacation in Los Angeles and Orange COUNTIES. You have Disneyland in Anaheim (orange county). You also have very nice Orange County beaches (Laguna is my favorite). Then there's all sorts of museums (the La Brea Tar Pits are very neat; The Museum of Tolerance is one of the saddest places that I've ever been but it will make you a better person; the Ripley's Museum is neat; etc.... we have hundreds to choose from). There's also Hollywood (tons of tourists... and you can take tourist busses). If you want outdoors and have a car, you can drive to the local San Gabriel or San Gorgonio mountains. If you do go to West Hollywood, I'd suggest eating at Carney's. It's an old train car turned into a hot dog stand. It's not great but it's cheap and famous. Same with IN-N-Out burger. One place that I definitely would not miss is Venice Beach. You can go there and people watch all day. Depending on where you're from, you may never have seen people like the people at Venice Beach...

To answer your question, Vegas to the Grand Canyon is about 6 hours by car (there's probably a bus tour and that will be slower). It's neat and worth seeing but since you only have 10 days between two amazing places (really 9 days because it will waste almost a day driving from LA to Vegas), I would save the Grand Canyon for another time.
Afaceinthematrix! Great to know the unique and informative sharing here and after vising it I remind my visit to the Grand canyon. Where I get a great option of Colorado River , there are few things keep in mind while you have been there yeah must take jacket in the cooler season, always keep your camera and must take the Short/shirt for kayaking etc.
Blaster wrote:
No point in going to Vegas if you don't plan on dancing, going out, or drinking. I guess you can go to some of the shows. Just remember Vegas is called sin city for a reason though.

yes you should think about the same.
There are quite a few shows that people can see without it being too "sinful". Like the magic shows are pretty fun, and so are the circus acts that are everywhere. But yes, aside from those activities, there's not too much to do if you're not going to drink or gamble. That's really the whole point of going to Las Vegas.
I visited Vegas in June this year and I disagree with the fact that gambling is all there is to Vegas. I was on a budget so , while I had some $40 allotted for gambling, I mostly went sightseeing.

For one, it's well worth it, in my opinion, to see the Grand Canyon, either by the way of an organized tour or of renting a car. A tour is gonna take a whole day; you leave early in the morning and return in about 12 hours.

Also, regarding paid attractions, no-one has mentioned the Vegas museums: depending on what interests you, you can visit Madame Tussaud's (wax figures), the National Atomic Testing Museum, the CSI, or the Mob Museum. I have visied the latter and I was impressed. It took me three hours inside and still we glossed over some exhibits.

There's of course more to Vegas than museums, and you might want to use the High Roller at the Linq for a panoramis view and some information (audio recording). Drinks are optional.

There are also many things you can enjoy for free: the water fountain show at Bellagio, the volcano show at Mirage, the pirate/siren show at Treasure Island, the architecture at Cesar's Palace (copies of lots of famous statues) and I believe someone already mentioned the circus show at Circus Circus.

One word of advice: buy bus passes. For one, it's so hot you will not be able to walk. Other than this, if you board a double decker, you have a nice, cheap vision of the whole Strip.
By2023 i will travel this place vegas , i want to rock and party with white women hmm sounds like interesting hu? some say One of the most popular activities in Las Vegas is to explore all the resorts on the Strip, some of which are heavily themed, such as the Venetian, Paris, and New York-New York. Even though the Strip is only four miles long, the square footage inside the casino-resorts can be very high, and hotels are not as close to one another as they appear to be. So wear comfortable walking shoes and take advantage of the free trams, monorails and people-movers whenever you can. There is a free tram between Treasure Island (TI) and the Mirage; one between Bellagio, CityCenter and the Monte Carlo; and one between Excalibur, Luxor and Mandalay Bay. There are people movers (moving walkways) leading into and out of Ballys, one leading into the Mirage, and one at the Venetian. If you have mobility issues, you can rent an electric scooter from your hotel’s concierge desk or an independent rental company.
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