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You listen to music at home?

I wonder if you all listen to music at home, Lately I've noticed that people do not buy stereo system, prefer listening to music in the car or player/mobile. That would be a global trend?
Good question Rafael. I have a Sony stereo hi-fi in my living room and very rarely use it these days. What a shame though as a couple of days ago I turned it on just on impulse and the stereo sound is just so much better. Can't remember when last I played a CD on it. It's fairly new, even plays with a flash disk, but somehow I'm always using my desktop Altec speakers with woofer. I spend a lot of time on the Internet, and when I do I like to play music through my desktop computer. For travel I like to use my Walkman and earphones.
I listen to my stereo all the time. I work from home and enjoy having music while working.
Yes I do. I ve got a nice 5.1 stereo set
I have this cheap 5 in 1 sound system in my room. I forget to listen to music on it every time because I'm on the computer all the time. I have managed to connect that sound system to my PS3 so that I can get some quality music while playing games or watching movies.

At rare times, I use the sound system to play my favorite songs from a USB drive. It's fun and I use it mostly when friends are visiting.

I don't listen to music even on my laptop. I listen to them when I am running in the mornings. I think I don't listen to them during other times because of the fact that I don't have time to listen to music these days. Pretty tough to manage times.
I listen to music on my Laptop and Computer with Stereo Speakers.
I love music
I play music everywhere I go.

Its like life would be lifeless without music. Once you have it, no one can take it from you. Its in your heart and mind.

I must say its a habit plus I also sing so I think that is why I love music but not all genres.

Regarding with question well I think everyone has their own preferences so I guess listening to an specific device should not be called a trend.
I think you fail to see stereos anymore simply because of the other technology out there. For example I listen to pandora. My Tv plays pandora. As does my computer which is usually what I'm doing when I'm on here.
I am a designer of amplifiers, I see that today people do not buy stereo system for home (even a cheap).
Stereo system for home have small group and even smaller for those who spend money.

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WOW! That is amazing Rafael. Can just imagine your house must be perfectly wired for sound. Very Happy
deanhills wrote:
WOW! That is amazing Rafael. Can just imagine your house must be perfectly wired for sound. Very Happy

Is not my, but I intend to put together something similar.
Of course I listen music at home whenever feel tired or boring music is the best companion for me.
Elaborate stereo systems arn't really needed with the modern technology we have. For example my grandmother has a bose system in her kitchen. Small but sounds great.
I have an instrument in every room. Sp I play it myself.
The short answer is yes, I do listen to music at home, on my computer and Xbox.

1. I bought a cheap 6 channel Logitech speaker system (I couldn't believe how great the last one I owned sounded for the money I spent). It works with my computer and my Xbox. It has plenty of volume for a small apartment or one room (I usually barely have the bass turned up lol).

2. I also really like Turtle Beach EarForce x12 headphones. I bought them primarily for a gaming headset, but the sound quality is also great for the price (You can sometimes get them on sale for $40 these days). The drawback is they are not the best quality, and it's easy to trip over the cord. I've had to replace them twice. The first time Turtle Beach did replaced them after I sent the broken ones in. But the second time I tripped over the chord and broke them, so I had to buy another one. There is really no headset in the price range that I have seen that allows you to hear people sneaking up on you when you are playing BattleField 4 online for example. Smile

3. The Turtle Beach headset does not work with mp3 players or smart phones however, because it needs USB to power it. So if I want to take my mp3 player or phone somewhere, I just use some cheap ear buds from Walmart. Maybe one day I will get some better headphones for those devices.
Here is a part of my stereo set.

Yes, I listen to music at home. I work out of my home and enjoy having music in the background. I have speakers in most rooms tied to my home stereo system and a wireless remote to control the system. All installed a long time ago.
I listen to music everywhere. Well, not in the shower. Not in class, either. But mostly.
i just used my smart phone either blackberry or iPhone 4s.
i listen with my computer... I wish to buy a vinyl player...
Welcome back Mrs_Robota!

I like to listen to music at my computer too. But every time when I play music through my hi-fi realize the quality of sound I'm missing. Very little speakers can beat my Sony ones for stereo sound.
Mrs_Robota wrote:
I wish to buy a vinyl player...

If you want a vinyl player, the remainder of your equipment should be of high quality.
I still got the vinyl player - JVC big rig from 1973 - super good stuff and still works. Quality doesn't exist today...
Vinyl of a lot of work to keep, but it is a beautiful equipment...

We'd probably have to ask more people in the profession or track the sales to know the truth, but we're still very lucky to get one guy who's 'in'!

I don't know about that, but I sure know it's worth to invest. About 15 years ago, we bought a mid-priced Marantz with expensive B&W speakers and after quite an abuse during all this time, that thing is alive and kicking! Maybe I don't have an audiophile's ears, but I see absolutely no difference between how it sounded the day it was bought and now. Today, the same equipment (used) costs around $400 and it's very little considering it's for something that will provide fantastic sound quality for decades.

Jajarvin, I have the same Creative speakers Smile Cheap, but it's quite old yet still kicking.
I play music everywhere I go with my IPOD.
For some reason, I feel like music sounds best when I'm sitting in my car. It might be because the car is such a closed environment that the acoustics are awesome. I think it sounds much better than a surround sound system, because everything can be much louder and it's a in between a headphones and a large surround sound system.
yeah a car can be the best place. My cousin used to have 2 10" in the back and 2 front screamers and it worked so good for rock. The next car he spended 4 times mor money on amplication and subwoofers and so on and it didn't sound good at all. too much bass n hifreq is not great for standard rock music.
rafael2112 wrote:
I wonder if you all listen to music at home, Lately I've noticed that people do not buy stereo system, prefer listening to music in the car or player/mobile. That would be a global trend?

We play music.
It is better than fighting.
rafael2112 wrote:
I wonder if you all listen to music at home, Lately I've noticed that people do not buy stereo system, prefer listening to music in the car or player/mobile. That would be a global trend?

We just sit together and sing


and winter songs. It is funny.
During summer time we do it outside
but today it is cold.
When You play guitar during Xmas Party in the snow
the fingers will cry,
but the audience cannot hear that.
I got the new accoustic Status quo album in the christmas stocking... Well half of the songs was ok.
I like listening to music at home using both my headphones and speakers, and I think they sound great. However, I also think that the best way to listen to music is in the car because the acoustics are so great and the music can get so loud.
I also like music when i am free, i do not know how to play guitar or other musical instruments.
I like music. when i am in good mooed I always listen music
Hi to all,
I am often listening to music in Television, Mobile, PC's and i love music and listen to all type of songs like melody,peepy,western styles also.

My prefered way to listen to music is to use my mobile. It is very handy and I can have it always with me.
In general I listen to music up to 1966. After that country music disappeared. I have no problems with newer music in general but I think most music is a complete failure ... So what do I listen to: country, rock, soul (not blues), surf, speedmetal.... hm, well just like everyone else
I don't have any huge sound system. All I've ever done is try to have a nice set around my computer but nothing too big as my desk is still rather small. Because I move around often enough I wouldn't want to invest in a huge system and then find out I'm moving next year and I have to tear it down and set it back up again. If I ever forgot how to put it together properly I could get rather frustrated. I wouldn't mind having nicer speakers around my TV since the built in speakers are lousy. I think I'd rather wait until I had a house and then I'd look to have a nice system with speakers mounted for surround sound... have other speaker sets in different rooms for listening to music on my iPad or something... music everywhere!

I do listen to music a lot. If I'm not with people I will listen to music since it makes my walks more entertaining... my thoughts sort of drift.
I think streaming music with services like Rdio and Spotify is the new way of the future now. There's no need to download or buy every single song out there because it's so easily accessible online now.
it is amazing how much that is on spotify... and if it don't exist you try youtube, and often it is there...

But I have encountered stuff not covered by spotify or youtube. But I do have a rare taste..
Yes I do. Doesn't everyone?
I spend a lot of time on YouTube discovering songs and their covers and what not. Somtimes I play music on my surround sound woofer. It's awesome. I hope my neighbor likes my playlist.
I love to listen music whenever i gt free time at home
Da Rossa
Indeed this is a good question. Perhaps the households are getting narrower and there is not much space for a stereo system.
But it is very good to have one available when you decide to pick up that very old CD or Vinyl.

Other reason might be people are staying less at home, and when they are, they'd rather use an iPad.
I'm a big fan of music, so yes, I generally tend to listen to music. I have an account on Spotify, connected via my Facebook, which I generally use when I'm at home. When I'm out and about I normally use my iPod which has it's own music. Studies show that people who listen to music have a 75% higher concentration level than others who don't listen to music.
Yeah, this has changed drastically. Stereo system used to be each home's bragging rights that owners always showed their guests. This change has even affected the way albums are mixed - since now majority of playback is on sucky airbuds and Creative speakers and the like, priority is to have mix sounding best under those circuimstances (with the exception of club music which also has to sound great "live").
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