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Christmas Bonus e.g. 13th Month Pay

I been serving to my Client of almost a year now as freelance developer.
They pay me hourly based on the price we agree on our Contract.
I work at home so I pay my own bills and everything then sending the deliverable via remote.

Now I am thinking to ask some salary raise, but I am afraid that they might refuse and find instead a new, younger, active, better developer than me.
So what I come up is a Christmas Bonus instead as showing gratitude of my fine service.

However my Client resides in Chicago, IL and I found out, there was no any type of bonus in US except performance evaluation which we never talked in our Contract.

Question: Does in your Country have this kind of Bonuses? Mandated by Government that you should received it regardless of your Contract with your employer?

As I do my basic research, I found out that in Spain, they got twice bonuses, one for July and one for Christmas equivalent to their one month salary.
In Philippines, we have that but any amount over 30K PHP is taxable.
While in UK, there are nothing at all, there is no such thing like this. - correct my if Im wrong.
I won't go with the Xmas bonus. I'd be open and honest strictly along contract lines. Tell them that you are happy doing business with them. Ask them whether they are happy with your service. And whether you they would consider it sustainable and justifiable if you should ask for an increase. Be up front with what you think that increase should be and why you think that increase is justifiable. Let them be part of the decision making process.
Well you nailed it on the head for the US. We don't mandate any type of bonuses however a lot of places do give them out. Usually around Christmas time. So inquiring about a Christmas bonus wouldn't be out of the norm. But like dean said maybe talk with them about getting a raise. You never know until you ask.
@deanhills, @blaster,

Thanks to the both of you guys!

Yeah your right, I should address what the concerns are rather than pin point to another way around as I realized I might be misinterpret and leads to wrong decision.

This is US company you are dealing with and to them a contract is a contract. They agreed to pay 'x' amount. When your contract is up, you can negotiate new terms. Also they may decide to give you (and their employees) a 'Christmas' bonus but don't count it or it being much.
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