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Programming languages and IDE

What programming language do you use when you program?

I have been programming for awhile in different languages such as PHP, Python, JavaScript, JScript, Java, C#, C++, HTML(5), CSS, ActionScript, FreeBASIC and some more I can't remember.
I'm not a total professional in programming, but I do have a special interest in Java and tend to learn JavaScript.
I'd call myself a beginner programmer still, but a goal to become a indie game developer sometime in the future.

I have used different game engines such as Game Maker(GML), Unity3D(aswell as 2D using C#), Unreal Engine, Blender, Visual C++/C#, Tululoo Game Maker.
Nowadays I use Eclipse to learn Java and use Unity3D to C# and little JavaScript programming.

So how's your story about programming?
Widely discussed topic and IMO... wrong section

I've got a lot of experience in web based programming and markup languages like HTML ( most ) css, javascript, php and mysql.
I've written dozens of maintenance scripts in jscript, vbscript and nowadays in powershell
I've written a few applications in and C# ( mostly WPF ) with a database backend.

website stuff is developed in Eclipse and dotnet ( well...) in Visual studio
I have started to program from my school days.
My First language is C,C++.
After 1 year,i started to learn Java.
Then i had interest in Animation so i started to learn Adobe Flash and Actionscript. I have developed some app and animation in flash.

After that i had interest in Android mobile.So i started to learn Android and to develop application for android platform.Currently i have published 8 android application in google play store.

In between i have created few website with the help of HTML,CSS and PHP.

Currently i planned to learn PHP and Python in depth.
I've started learning C# a few months ago and plan on learning PHP along with Python eventually. I know HTML and CSS and use Notepad++ when working on anything dealing with HTML. I use Visual Studio for C#. I have a little practice with XNA, but Microsoft seems to be leaving that in the ditch and heading to other projects. I may have to look into Mono or other engines for practice.
I started with C# and Visual Studio 2010. Making GUIs was soooo easy back then with Visual Studio. Then, I moved to C++ with Visual Studio. After I moved to Linux, I discovered how important cross-platform compatibility is, so I switched to CodeBlocks. I eventually began to get tired of how huge C++ is, so I decided to learn C. C is my main language at the moment. I use it with Vim and GCC.

I'm currently working on a website that will be called (my search for hosting is what brought me here.) I'll be learning Python to help with the programming aspect of the website, so yeah, that's where Im at as of this moment Cool Laughing
I also started with C++ and used it extensively with Visual Studio and Eclipse. Then I moved to C# and Java followed by php which got me into web development. Thereafter I learned Python and it's quite useful. I'm working with Django these days. Django may also be run in conjunction with Jython on any Java EE application server such as GlassFish or JBoss.
Well, I got into programming while playing League of Legends. Quite funny and some people would say it' stupid but I started creating "assemblies" using C#.
Basically cheats. It would do all the things for you. All you needed to do is just hit a single button.
Even though I am using different languages to code with, C# became my "lifetime"/fav language.
I started from C/C++ using Turbo C in school days, later I learned VB6 and IDE is Visual Basic 6, in 2002 I learned JAVA and used IDE as Eclipse and NetBins and worked till 2006. Later in 2006 I learned C# and used Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio 2012, and right now I am working on Visual Studio 2013.

Recently I gone through Roslyn, and thinking to upgrade my IDE to 2015 Beta. Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes
let me sort it from the worst to the best. in case you're going to make some POCs or anythings similar:
c < c++ < c# < java < python

I use python, unless I have a big information software which requires the most stability that makes me use java ofcourse.
c# is going to be open source (or it has already happend), but still the language is not a strong as java so I might still use java because it's free, and works in any platform ofcourse.
I will use c\c++ for low levels - drivers or any other hardcore platform specific program.
Da Rossa
Well, I'm not a programmer or developer, but I know you'll need either a decent plain text editor or a full-bodied IDE. If you're happy with the former, I'd recommend you Sublime Text. Very powerful text editing, and supports "projects" by loading folders. Not exactly and IDE but very good.

If you're only writing html and css, then Brackets could work well too. A new open source code editor.

That's what I can contribute Very Happy
I would recommend Eclipse IDE

I used Eclipse for some java editing and also some HTML editing.

Later tried for Android developing

Then moved to Android Studio for Android develeoping.

But Eclipse is quite good as a multipurpose IDE
A very good html editor is phase 5 html Editor Version 5.6.
I use a german version of this editor and I do not know if there is a english version.
The first programming language I learned was a little over a year ago—JavaScript from the fine tutorial. Soon after, I attempted to self-teach C through various programming tutorial websites, but without a strict curriculum, and simultaneously introducing UNIX OS into programming, I was slow on picking it up. After going through my first year of college, I became much more proficient in C and C++, and actually prefer those languages over any others at this point. The functionality is so raw and close to the computer—it's extremely fascinating to manipulate such core elements.

Edit: As far as IDE, I use only Xcode.
Is python very important to a website builder?
Can anyone give an example?
Eclipse is always the first choice for me.
whyaqm wrote:
Eclipse is always the first choice for me.
For a quality post tell us why Eclipse is always the first choice for you.

Tip: If you are posting for a hosting account suggest you read our Posting Guidelines before you post further. One-liner posts and random posts that don't make a contribution to the discussion of a topic aren't considered quality posts and may be removed from the Forum.
I recommend Python as a good general-purpose language. It is very easy to learn the basics, and it seems quite capable of doing most scripting stuff with as little effort as combining the various command-line tools, and a lot less learning.

For more complex tasks, it interfaces well with web servers, has modules for efficient math calculations, and is generally good for complex data manipulation. If other languages are more efficient for a particular application, Python has good ability to interface through library api's or controlling other processes.
I do recommend using Python as well and for the IDE I suggest you use Geany it is light but you can use it on a daily basis.
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