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forum login problem--email not recognized, possible hacker

My other account on Frihost's forums is "boinsterman". (I realize I should not have more than one forum account. This post is intended as the beginning of the process of resolving the issue.) I tried to log in and got an incorrect password/username error, which may be reasonable as I had not logged in for some time. The next step is to request a password reset, which is sent to the primary email associated with the account. I did so, but got an error message saying the email address entered was incorrect. (I tried this two or three times at different times, including copying and pasting, in case of possible mistyping on my part.)

I also tried logging into my webhost account (, which is still up as of this post), again got a failed password, and requested a password reset. The response was that if my webhost account username and email matched, an email would be sent. It has not. (The email address is the same used for the forum account.)

I then registered this new account, "lightworker88", with the intent of applying for a new webhost account and resolving the multiple accounts issue. I wanted to change my forum username anyway. The boinsterman account is at -400 or more points anyway due to inactivity, but I understand we can request a point reset. I hope that my solution is easier for the staff to implement.

I do not think I have violated the spirit of what Frihost is all about. The most important thing is to be honest about it. However, if Frihost staff feel I have done so and the password problem cannot be resolved, I can go to another webhost. I like Frihost and its culture. It works well for me.

Now the BIG PROBLEM, and what I really need to put on a Frihost support ticket:
When I register for the "lightworker88" account using the previous email address, I got an error saying that email address was already in use for another account. "boinsterman" is the only account I have ever had on Frihost's forums. Given that my webhost account is still up, I would think this means the forum account is still active as well, despite my inactivity.

Thus, I suspect a hacker. Other than the failed login attempts (about a month ago--Sep 20 to Sep 25, 2014), I have not logged in to either the "boinsterman" forum account or the corresponding webhost account for several months. (I was splitting and stacking 14+ cord of firewood. I was basically too hangdog tired.) If they have been logged into in that time, or settings changed or the passwords reset, then a hacker may have gotten into the accounts.

So what do I put in the ticket request?
Good luck on both your solutions. May be one of the active admins here can fix your forum account for you and you can reach your hosting account via forum username.
Thanks. It seems like you're ok with it?

I backed up everything months ago, so I'm set there.
With regard to your Boinsterman DirectAdmin account, firstly, since you haven't used your account in that long a while, have you checked the original PM whether you are using the correct login? For example, your DirectAdmin login can only have 8 characters. So it must be something different to Boinsterman. Maybe boinster? If you still have that PM try and copy and paste the login and password instead of typing it in. Don't know why, but I sometimes have difficulties too with cPanel, and find if I copy paste instead of type, it works better. Also, have you tried FTP to see whether that may work for your Boinsterman Website?

Secondly, with regard to DirectAdmin it is notorious to block IPs after third login attempt. And very unforgiving so that you would need an Admin to unblock you.

With regard to your Boinsterman Forum Login, I doubt it is a hacker. I probably don't have to ask whether you checked your e-mail junk folder? If not, I'm almost certain it has to do with the server move from the US (Philadelphia), to Germany at end of June. If you check the posts by Bondings in that thread you'll notice that that move happened in a BIG hurry. Check particularly this last post of Bondings:
Bondings wrote:
I'm going to try the move now. Please note, if something fails (there are a lot of specific settings for this website), I might revert back and do it another day.

This means that any changes from now on on this server may not be reflected on the new one!!!

Just so you know. The hosting we have on the servers in Germany is the best ever from a security point of view. I doubt a hacker will be able to get through. And if it had, we'd have known about it by now. If you check through the support forums you will note there are plenty of issues that still need to be resolved after our move in June/July. And the issues you experienced could well be related to those. Or it could be simple human error.
lightworker88 wrote:

When I register for the "lightworker88" account using the previous email address, I got an error saying that email address was already in use for another account. "boinsterman" is the only account I have ever had on Frihost's forums. Given that my webhost account is still up, I would think this means the forum account is still active as well, despite my inactivity.

The DirectAdmin account purposely has a different username, and I do remember it. Also, I just double-checked the email, and searched all folders for the keyword "Frihost". Nada. My point is that although when I request a password reset (for the forum account), the email is not recognized as corresponding to it, yet when I used it to try to create another forum account (this one), that email address is already being used for an existing account.
Could I get an admin to send reset emails, or at least identity confirmation emails, for both the forum account (boinsterman) and the webhost account ( The email should be the same for both. I assume I should not write out the email here, but in a support ticket it would b ok.
@Lightworker. You need to be set up with a login and password for your Boinsterman DirectAdmin account (can you provide the user name?). Then ask that your lightworker account be deleted. As you're only allowed one user account. Once the Boinsterman account has been fixed, the e-mail issue will have resolved itself.

Bondings is the only one who can fix it for you.
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