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Ive been Banned from a Forum and a chat. WHY! HOW!


I logged on today but was banned.. When I went to I got this message " This IP is Banned " or something like this.

My present IP is 103.224.***.*** I would like to know how this happened. AS I also got banned from FreeNode IRS recently and need to track down what is happening...

Both bannings were linked to my IP address..

My ISP gives me an dynamic IP that so I am thinking that it is someone else that is causing the problem and I get their IP address somedays..
If you redail and get another IP address, and log in the forums successfully,
there is no issue but inconvenience.
If the banning is for all accounts used the IP address once, and they can't log in with another IP address.
You could contact the forums managers and make them realize that IP address is dynamic IP shared by many people.
I think they will remove the constrain of you.
Agreed with rx. Possum, you must have been group banned. Not a very good way to manage the security of a forum. WHM has a facility where for security purposes you could group ban or country ban groups of IP addresses. The other negative result of that is that it would slow down their forum as every time when someone logs into the system the system would logically have to search through all of the banned IP addresses.

Have you tried to use a proxy like TOR to see whether that may work? Although, if they're that intent to create group bans, they're likely to find ways to ban TOR as well.

RX is right. You need to write to the staff of that Forum and let them know what happened to you. They would be sympathetic because if you check through a Website like, you'll notice sympathy with the likelihood that innocent people may have been banned. Just for interesting sake why not check your IP number at to see whether it has been blacklisted, as some forums use to check their IPs and may use that too to ban IPs.

You can type in your IP in the search box at the link below:

You could also check their downloads section to give you an idea how it works:
Thx deanhills will do
IMO, IP bans are stupid, why ban an entire subnet? especially in this case... if they ban every IP in 103.224.X.X they are banning what? like 65K of Ip adresses? this is insane.

Possum, don't take this ban personally, somebody must have pulled off some bad stuff and they blocked everything in that huge range. which is crazy if you ask me
All is back to normal. and I am welcome on Mozilla.forums and freenode...

The were there to hide my exact IP address. I was banned by my exact IP address.

I was worried my computer was Hack as well.

Why cant people just be nice to each other Wink
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