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Can I Up Grade to SSD in CD Drive.. SATA


I just don't need a CD drive but do need an SSD...

My Small Form Computer has no room for second Hard drive and the only available Drive needs a bracket like this to put an SSD in

I was thinking I could get ride of the CD player and use its sata connection and power input for the SSD.

I'm happy to use double sided tape to secure the SSD..

I will be booting from the SSD and want to keep the Hard drive so I get Terra-byte drive..

Do you think this could be done..

of course you can stuff it in there. all you need a sata data port free, a sata data cable and sata power cable free.

if it's too small you can buy a bracket that hold you drive and the bracket will fit firmly in the bay. double sided tape might not be a good idea, beside if i'm not mistaken, the bay is kind of "hollow", too little place to tape the disk. unless you want to use some kind of rope to tie it, that might work.

by the way, my drive bay also fulled, so i pull the sata cable from my mobo to outside and connect my hardisk. the power draw from outside source. i have 2 of these "external" hd. the best part is the hd temperature always stay at room temperature. this might prolong the hd life maybe.
Get a proper bracket for your new drive and you should have no problem. If you just tape it, it can become problematic when there's heat involved.
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