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What's game are you playing?

There are so many games in the market, what's game are you playing?
Just play counter strike 1.6, the bets game ever
Or you could play CS:GO and get all ze skinsssss haha. But CS:GO is the game I've been messing around on recently.
FarCry 3, Tomb Raider and a few online games.
I'm currently playing puzzle and dragons, which is a mobile game.
It's very challenging for people who do not pay a lot of cash to roll for the powerful pets.

At the mean time, I also play the latest version of the legendary tower defense game "Bloons Monkey City" on Personal Computer.
It has mobile version too, but the account is not shared with the PC version, and the game content is totally different, and I have to say the computer version is way too much fun than the mobile version.
right now I am played fallout new vegas. The console I had before crashed and I was in the middle of the game so I restarted.
Attila total war although iam a bit disappointing from the game
I play games like Call Of Duty, Battlefield, Uncharted, God Of War, etc.
War thunder is a free game ... And ok., try it!
After i completed Far Cry 3 last year.
Last week i have completed GTA V by playing over 2 weeks.

Really nice story.
Very Nice Real world experience.
Great Actions.

I like it very much.

Anybody tried this game?
Although I play computer games too, I prefer to play against real people. Much more social, and much more fun.

I enjoy playing card cames, such as rummycub or Skat, the most popular card game in Germany. Unfortunately Skat is played in 3, so I rarely get to play it.

I also enjoy the odd dice game such as Yahtzee.
For a couple of years I played Counter-Strike 1.6, now I am playing Global Offensive.
I currently play Ark: Survival Evolved, Prison Architect, Team Fortress 2, Wild-Star, World of Warcraft, League of Legends. Space Engineers, Sim 1,2,3,4 (with all expansions available)

I use to play Team Fortress Classic, Runescape, Counter Strike

Free Games I Play: Aion, Tera

I am thinking of getting Medieval Engineers, H1Z1, Witcher 3, Skyrim

I also own the program RPG Maker VX Ace which create RPG games and code extra parts into it that not default. I only give those out to family, friends or local kids in the neighbor hood
Right now ps-network let me play driveclub, a lot to download but worth it,,, So it is a week game but looks good... Just crash and drive on.... sucks..
I just played through Simon the Sorcerer and now I'm playing Simon the Sorcerer II but I'm stuck at the moment.
I play Hearthstone because it's such an easy game to learn and it's really fun. I also like card games so that's something that drew me to Hearthstone in the beginning. I think a lot of Blizzard games are fun too -- I play a lot of Starcraft, Diablo, and Warcraft as well. Recently, there has been a new MOBA game (multiplayer online battle arena) called Heroes of the Storm that is made by Blizzard and combines the characters of Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo to form a game that is very much like the original Defense of the Ancients game that was put out years before. It's great, and it's very similar to League of Legends in that it's very casual and easy to get into, more so than DOTA, and still very fun to play as well.
Probably I am only people who does't like computer games at all :/
Peterssidan wrote:
I just played through Simon the Sorcerer and now I'm playing Simon the Sorcerer II but I'm stuck at the moment.

Sometimes it's the tiniest things... Wink Feels great when you find the solution though. Smile

Turns out I just had to walk close to a door for it to open. I didn't think I could interact with the door because it didn't show any text while hovering.
I usually play Far cry, war games,call of duty,Tom raider and a few online games.I usually spend my leisure time playing games,and I enjoy playing shooter games and have thought of acheter call of duty black ops 3 to experience shooting game.
Since the latest diablo version got out I have played that a Little. Now you can add on 3 more itemeffects to your character, quite great idea
FIFA 16 the best
League of legends all the way!!!
Adalew wrote:
There are so many games in the market, what's game are you playing?

We change.

here we go
tonight because it is saturday night
we play Diplomacy very funny many laughs better in a room.

Computer on party
PES is best?
Amateurs can learn it in 5 finutes and have a feeling for soccer.
Recently, I've been playing just Worms Armageddon most of the time I spend for games. I don't have much time nowadays and it's a simple yet very addictive game full of various schemes and maps you can use. Moreover, you can even possess a crappy PC with just one core on the CPU and integrated graphics card, and it's far enough to enjoy the game without any distracting lags.

Did you know that you can even play Darts there? :D
Just play counter strike 1.6, the bets game ever
Right now i am playing fallout4 . it is good looking and the ghouls are do cool now. They keep fighting without limbs.
Free and simple, but very fun.
Like to play Blizzard Games: WoW, Diablo, HS!
Currently playing league of legends.

But I do miss the good ol' RTS games like Generals, Age of Mythology, etc. They don't seem to make those types of games these days. The closest one is Star Craft 2.
I've recently enjoyed playing DiRT Rally, wanted something auto related and this is just fun.
more fallout 4, fifa 16 and ufc
I'm playing The Dig, a point and click adventure game by LucasArts. Great game. The story telling is clearly inspired by the movie genre. Now I'm searching for the fourth metal plate but I can't find it anywhere. Crying or Very sad
minecraft, cs and fifa
songpop 2 via facebook.
Utopia GFR
I'm playing 3 beautiful games :
Shadowrun returns (a remake of the classic RPG from 1989).
Child of Light (an awesome dream-like platform game).
Transistor (from the makers of Bastion, platform game with RPG elements).

Also playing some Max Payne 3, Fear 3 and the Darkness.

Guess I've got my hands full with those titles Very Happy

Happy New Year's Eve!
Battle Field 3 - its awsome.
war thunder right now on the ps4.
I am Playing WarCommander on Facebook.
Right now fallout 4 again.... more supermutants
I am now at level 43 in Fallout 4. Haha, the railroad mission - I hate that kind of guessing a password and so on but I peeked at the youtube channels and cheated how to do it... I would have been stuck forever if not.
I started to play Global Offensive. I know I am a little bit late but my brother just gathered a gaming PC and I am catching up. Competitive mode is really fun and tactics for me. I play like 2 hours daily. Can not get enough of it Twisted Evil
I love to play angry birds and GTA.
Currently I am playing Siedler Online and Forge Of Empires and Atlantica once in a while. I admit: for the latter I just login daily to get my free gift.
On Android I am playing Galaxy On Fire, really an impressive game.
On my old Windows PC I still like to play the good old Descent 2, best game every. Need to return to Xwing Alliance, haven't finished this one yet.
And Cossacks in a virtual Windows XP box on my Windows 10 PC.
I focused too much on Forge of Empires too for years. Now I play less. Login once a week or so
Right now i'm playing:


the only game that I'm playing is now is Pro evolution Soccer 13. I'm a fun of real madrid and iI love this version because it still have Ozil ans De Maria; I have won all competitions more than once but I'm still fascinated By this game. I have tried the PES 14 but i prefer from far this version. Very Happy Very Happy
Currently I'm playing League of Legends, Battlefield and Minecraft. But mostly League of Legends..
well i play ufc 2 alot now.... Better than the prior? more of the same...
I really enjoy playing Candy Crush. It's very fun on my phone and portable.
- Harvest Moon: A New Beginning
- Story of Seasons
Its an action game with modern war.
Been playing it for over 6 months now.. it can get very addictive.
I really enjoy playing Candy Crushm, Lords Mobile, Pokemongo. It's very fun on my phone and portable. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Just got Alite on the phone - an Elite remake. quite good stuff, and its like the amiga release.
Well, they aren't that new; some are new to me:

1. Fallout 4: This was the first game I bought. I hear some people didn't like Fallout 4 as much as the previous games. Not really sure why myself. I enjoy it a lot. The dialogue doesn't make as much difference, though.

2. The Crew: This is a fund racing game (sandbox) and it was free with Xbox Gold (although there are certain things you can't do and you would have to buy the expansion). It's the only racing game I've played so far on Xbox One.

3. Halo 5: I wasn't actually planning on buying this, but when I tried it out for free, I decided it was worth the $30 sale, because I really like FPS games. Battlefield One wont' be out for a while, and I didn't think OverWatch was worth $60.

4. Banner Saga 2: This is probably the most interesting game out of all of them. It was free with Xbox Gold, and there aren't a lot of games like it (at least for Xbox). I had a hard time finding this kind of game for Xbox 360 also. It's a turn based strategy game. The closest thing I have played to it would be Heroes of Might and Magic, I think. It was not very easy to learn how to fight, but I watched some videos.
I play at League of Legends or Minecraft Razz
Fallout 4 when i want to play solo.
And The Crew for when i want to play online.
Right now I do some Elite dangerous horizons...

It is good looking!!!
Playing Tales of Zestiria right now. Wasn't expecting anything and I'm quite positively surprised!
Really nice story and game.
I am playing Warzone 2100. Good for passing time.

It is UFC 2 time again.... Somehow you Always look forward to what move you are going to get in the next cardbundle...
I play Furcadia on the computer; doesn't have a-lot of active members on their main maps; and its a 2D Game until they release the new 3D Module Interface.

But on the XBOX 360; I play Diablo 3: ROS, Minecraft, Call of Duty 1 & 2 and GTA V and alot of others; but don't play them alot.
hm Still I play UFC 2. And elite dangerous. fifa 17
But I got mortal combal XL cheap - but not that good.
Currently playing Assassin's Creed 2 and enjoying it. Almost at the end.
I'm playing overwatch and can't stop doing it
Had a run with elite dangerous this weekend, the new 2.3 update. Well I was better and more station variations so I can recommend it
Now days I am playing Overwatch, D3 and Heros of The Storm. I also recently started playing a old game I use to play Team Fortress Classic, I am SUPER rusty now.
I am stuck in the same games.... this is bad....
The only newish is song pop 2 via facebook.... Yes that is not new at all.

I want a new game
I am playing world of warcraft right now. It is a great game. you must try.
hm a new patch for diablo 3 came out lately so I am playin that again
Now it is a bit Elite dangerous... Well well soon the 2.4 patch....
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