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Level of Maturity(knowledge or age)

Through age the level of maturity cannot be determined because not all adults have experienced or knew everything.
What can you say about this?
Level of one's maturity does not depend on age or gained knowledge. I have seen very young act more mature than others much older.
The Maturity of a person depends on the wisdom, and not the age nor the knowledge.

If the age takes parts in the maturity, there are so many elders did ridiculous things.

If the knowledge takes parts in the maturity, there are so many high educated people did things that jeopardized the the societies, the environments, and the cultures.

Only those people with the wisdom who can control themselves to do good behaviors, but not bad actions. That's the result of caring and acceptance grows from the wisdom.
Difficult to say anything about myself.

Guess "maturity" is more like a judgement (from/about others)

People always say I'll never grow up Razz Razz
LxGoodies wrote:
Difficult to say anything about myself.

Guess "maturity" is more like a judgement (from/about others)

People always say I'll never grow up Razz Razz
They say the same about me to the extent that I'm quite relieved - i.e. maturity may be the same as being "over the hill". At least with immature I stand a chance of "becoming" and "changing" instead of being in a state of "end of the line".

There are aspects about maturity that are purely biological. They say that you normally can grow until about the age of 21? After that you do not become bigger any more, you could just get fat, train yourself for more muscles or: just shrink little by little, until you die one day...
And: Not only your body is growing, also your brain is developed during that time - by the way: the brain is supposed to be some special organ, that actually doesn't 'age' in the same way like our other organs do? So, during that process of the constitution of the brain that accompanies the process of growing up, people often are subject to certain emotional instabilities -
you know them teenagers, from depressed emos, angry young men and agressive punks you have the whole range of imbalanced characters that are just suffering from the side effects of growing-up.
At the same time there is an other form of biological maturity going on, which is the sexual maturity. Statistics have it in Europe, for example, that sexual maturity of youths tends to take place more and more earlier in their life, while the "maturity of the brain" doesn't hurry up.
As a result we have interferencies between the two maturities that trouble the affected youths: They have to cope with the body's own natural hormone cocktails brought by puberty, while still they are far from having a mature brain...
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