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what Graphic settings we need to play Skyrim.

Update Video Drivers
If there is any reason to believe that the latest drivers installed on your system are not the latest available or that they are not installed correctly and are causing issues then do the following. Else, just install the latest drivers as normal ...
1. Download the latest stable AMD drivers / Nvidia drivers.
2. If installing/re-installing new drivers, download DDU and install it (DDU forum Page).
3. Boot into safe mode by repeatedly pressing F8 once the boot check initializes and before the OS begins loading (no need to uninstall the current drivers, but it will not hurt at all).
4. Launch DDU, and select the appropriate driver from the drop-down combobox.
5. Note the recommendations in DDU and initialize the cleanup.
6. Reboot normally and install the latest drivers.
1.E.1. Configure Driver Settings
STEP has more detailed information in both the AMD-CCC guide as well as the Nvidia Inspector guide, and other AMD-CCC and Nvidia Inspector / Control Center guides exist for the inquisitive user. The following information is minimalistic, sound advice, and users are encouraged to add their own 2 cents for consideration via the AMD-CCC Talk and Nvidia Inspector Talk pages.
In Short - The graphics software should only be forcing max Anisotropic Filtering (AF) (and Supersampling Anti-Aliasing (SSAA) for higher-end cards). All other settings should be left to the Skyrim configuration and ENBoost configurations (see above).
1.E.1.1. AMD Users
Detailed Information --> Catalyst Control Center Guide
The AMD driver configuration utility, Catalyst Control Center (CCC), is installed along with the graphics drivers by default.
1. Within CCC , select |Gaming| > |3D Application Settings|.
2. Click |+ Add|, then browse to and select TESV.exe, and click on this new profile (these settings will only apply to Skyrim now).
3. Set Anti-Aliasing Mode to "Use application settings" (driver-side AA has no impact on Skyrim, as it is a function only of iMultiSample in SkyrimPrefs.ini). If set to "Override application settings", AA will be turned off in Skyrim, regardless of the Skyrim INI setting!
4. Set Anti-Aliasing Method to "Multisampling" (for better performance), or set to Supersampling if your video card can handle it (for better quality). For some reason, driver-side AA method does work, just not sample rate.
5. Force Anisotropic Filtering Mode by setting Anisotropic filtering to "Override application settings".
6. Set Anisotropic Filtering Setting to 16x.
7. Set Wait for Vertical Refresh to "Always off" (Recall that vsync should be running via ENBoost's enblocal.ini!)
8. Save and close, accepting any overwrite when prompted.
1.E.1.2. Nvidia Users
Detailed Information --> Nvidia Inspector Guide: Editing Skyrim Settings
Make the following changes via Nvidia Inspector, otherwise leave the defaults (they can be tweaked later if absolutely necessary).
1. Download Nvidia Inspector. This is a portable program and requires no installation. Simply place in a convenient location and create a shortcut to the executable.
2. Within Inspector, select the "Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" profile and keep all of the default settings except for the following changes:
1. Set Antialiasing - Mode to "Application-controlled". Apparently, SkyrimPrefs.ini dictates the level of AA, but the video card drivers can dictate the method of AA. If set to "Override", AA will be turned off in Skyrim, regardless of the Skyrim INI setting!
2. Set Antialiasing - Setting to "Application-controlled / Off" (for better performance), or set to use 2x2 (or 4x4) Supersampling if the video card can handle it (for better quality).
3. Force Anisotropic filtering mode by setting Anisotropic filtering to "User-defined / Off".
4. Set Anisotropic filtering setting to 16x. High values may cause texture shimmering in mid to long range texture LODs. If this happens, adjusting the LOD bias can help to remedy the issue. (See the Detailed Information link above for more information)
5. Click Apply changes and close, accepting any overwrite when prompted. (Sometimes 'Apply changes' needs to be clicked twice.)
This make me laugh from youtube, you buy a new game and the best graphics card you can and turn off all the settings Laughing

If Doom was made today
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