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What are the essential mod for Skyrim

So gamer if you start play the game, I suggest you should first stick to the basic mod and modify the game a little bit, before using for more complicated mod, the reason is simple once you start modding you find a lot of interesting mod and those are not only attractive but also HEAVY for your game or machine (Until you have a i7, 3 gb VRAM and 16 gb RAM).
So now I am describe and refer you the mod for moderate configured PC (High end PC user can use my guide for “High End Rig”).
We first discussed what element we need to change
Essential: - INI edit, SKSE.
Player and NPC: - Body type, Armor/cloth, makeup, Hair type (characters should be good looking and fashionable), armor and weapon.
Environment: - ENB series, Graphical enhancement, water and landscape.
Custom object: - System UI, Player House, Crafting etc.
Making a selective change always good for gamers, they can understand what the mod all about and what the effects it made. Randomly installing mod is a hazardous thing to do. It may cause an abnormal behavior (Like using two different but same types of mods not compatible each other installed together and produce a faulty result).
Player and NPC: -
Before you start with a body type option you need to get a customization tools for modification of your player. This customization can be done by both RaceMenu and Enhanced Character Edit. Both of them use SKSE. You can install some other mod for beautification, like All hairs for all non-beast races, Extended Slider Colors, ApachiiSkyHair (Must have) and Beards.
For body type uses any one from CBBE, UNP, UNPB and 7base. Those are all fine but as per size and shape they are little different than each other. My personal choice is UNPB and UNP.
UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul (multiple followers support and command capability), Move it Dammit for NPC Companions and Followers (followers move quickly when you bounce with them), Non-Hostile Friendly Fire (no friendly fire and health damage) can also be applied for multiple followers support and their behavioral modification.
Armor and weapon mod itself a large section. Immersive Armors is a must have, also download its NPC plugin (NPC- non playable character). Pick some replaceable armor like glass armor and mage robe. You also can install standalone armor mod like Omegared99 - Armor Compilation. Also as per your body mod like “CBBE conversion pack for vanilla/default armor” also a good choice. Use Convenient Horses and horse armor for your horse.
For weapon mod my suggestions are a decent replacement mod, JaySuS Swords, Immersive Weapons, The Chronicles of Steel -Skyrim- Realswords and Weapons of the Third Era MoS edition mod, if you have Downgrad and Dragonborn then some additional resource can also be added like crossbow (which is missing from the main Skyrim game) and at Skyrim-nexus have some really cool mods for that. I strongly recommended not to use any Gun mod or any non-lore version weapon because it’s not going to work as you imagine and default animations dose not handle those object properly.

Custom Object: -
System UI (SkyUI highly recommended), Custom Maps (both for Atlas Map Markers and A Quality World Map - With Roads), player house (New House mod including Rangers Valley Lodge -NO LOAD SCREENS, 8 Free Vanilla Homes are very lore friendly), animal Mods (Skyrim Immersive Creatures, Automatic Variants, Prides of Skyrim add a lots of variant of existing creature and add new breed to the game), Crafting Mod (JK- Crafting Breakdown -Junk Melting Smelting capable to melt almost any item to its Ingot).
For Magic you can install Midas Magic - Spells in Skyrim (also install Sharlikran's Compatibility Patch with it), Apocalypse Spell Package and Better Magic include a variety of new spell.
You can find similar mods other than above mentioned list and try it out but again don’t overdo it.
Note: - If you already start playing the game but wish to restart from beginning once again I recommend Alternate Start - Live another Life.
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