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Viswakarma Puja

Today is celebrated Viswakarma Puja in many places of India. As per Hindu religion Viswakarma is the god for craftsman, Carpenter. Engineers. The festival is primarily celebrated in factory and industrial areas and also in Technological Institution.
Great ! The western world does not even have a saint for technology etc.. India has !

He looks like a real programmer Razz

We may as well worship this one

LxGoodies wrote:
Great ! The western world does not even have a saint for technology etc..


Patron saint for engineers: St. Patrick
Patron saint for television: St. Clare
Patron saint for computers and the Internet: St. Isidore

I could go on.

Those are all official saints, by the way, in Catholicism. There are many, many more unofficial saints.

If you want a patron saint of programming to worship, i would suggest Ada Lovelace. She's the one who actually invented programming in the modern sense, and she did it before the first computer had even been built. It took almost a hundred years after her death before Alan Turing even began to see the same potentials Lovelace saw (reinventing her work because it had been ignored), and even he never fully appreciated the same possibilities that she did (arguably because he was preoccupied by the cryptanalysis efforts during the war, and then the persecution against him - but to be fair to Turing, he was a lot more mathematically formal about programming than Lovelace). In fact, it wasn't until the 1970s that the people finally realized just how brilliant Lovelace was.

I don't really see the need for a patron saint or for worship, but if you're going to pick one, it seems to make more sense to pick one that actually existed and had some influence on the field, rather than someone who never existed.
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