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Meet the new Pope...same as the old pope.

Well, the new Pope has been in post for time enough to allow a judgement on his performance.
Critics like myself predicted he would be all show, whilst many of the faithful and even some non Catholics seemed to think he was a new animal who would do good things.

Verdict - I was right, you were wrong. Yah boo sucks Smile He' is a JESUIT FFS. That itself should be 'nuff said. I know that demonic order as well as anyone can and live, and they are, almost by definition, not to be trusted, in any matter, for any period, ever, at all, ever.

If a Jesuit asks you the time, make sure he has not nicked your watch afterwards. If a Jesuit wishes you good morning, assume it is night-time until independent verification is available from at least 3 sources. If one tries to engage you in conversation, try running like hell. If that doesn't work (they train for such things) then biting your own leg off has been known to work, but my advice would be to feign insanity - jump into a canal/river, make wibble-wibble noises and say you are a yoghurt, anything to avoid conversation with the git. If he thinks you are a loony then he knows his mind-control is useless, and he will move to another target.

(I am thinking of running some JEDI courses (Jesuit Defence Initiative) which can give you techniques effective against their mind-control - sticking a sharp pencil up his nose as far as you can is the approved technique, but it requires practice)

So back to Pappa Francis has he done?
He has done Jesuitically, of course. Conned half the world into thinking he is a wonderful human and modest man, whilst slipping seamlessly into the default Vatican stance - screw you, we can't be touched and we do what we want.

A while back a Catholic High-up was 'recalled' from the Dominican Republic because it was being put around he was a child rapist. Josef Wesolowski - former Vatican diplomat and ambassador - has been 'tried' by the Vatican and found guilty of raping young boys.

They have removed his diplomatic immunity, but it insists that he will be 'tried' by a Vatican court and will not be slung-out of the toy country to face a real court in a real country. It really is time for this nonsense to be ended. Italy needs to get itself together and end this farce, The notion that a little patch of ground in a city centre is actually a sovereign territory is, at best, a silly anachronism in the case of Monaco and Lichtenstein, and they are VAST in comparison.

When it comes to Vatican, however, the smile and tolerant amusement is completely misplaced. It is a sinister and dangerous nonsense. The notion of this bunch of perverts, hypocrites, thieves and neer-do-wells having their own country to play with is an obscenity that spits in the face of countless millions who have suffered and died for their countries in defence of their liberties and traditions. This bunch of be-frocked no-marks haven't earned the right to be considered proper citizens of ANY country, let alone the right to run their own toy version with full-sized powers.

Invade the Vatican, lock the bastards up and have done. That is my well considered and even-handed advice to the Italian PM. It would only need a A battalion-strength force to sort it. Those ponces in the clown outfits (they call themselves the Vatican Swiss Guard) are hardly likely to put up any sort of serious resistance.

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