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2nd Language

Do you know a 2nd language, if so which one?
 15%  [ 6 ]
 13%  [ 5 ]
 0%  [ 0 ]
 13%  [ 5 ]
 2%  [ 1 ]
 0%  [ 0 ]
 5%  [ 2 ]
 50%  [ 19 ]
Total Votes : 38

which language is your 2nd language?
I know a bit of Spanish from taking Spanish in school, but I am not a fluent speaker of it.
English should be an option.
My second language: C++
English definitely should be an option.
We probably were missing the potential winner here.
Now added.

First vote ! English is my second language.
im forced to do german at school

it sucks
S3nd K3ys
SamGung wrote:
which language is your 2nd language?

Visual Basic. Wink
in my school district, it is required to take a foriegn language course for two years in middle school, but im now on my 5th year of taking french
I'm talking french but my second language is english.
I think english is less compliacted yhan french ! Arrow
I take German at my High School...though I don't think I'm fluent enough for it to be considered my 2nd language. Razz
I take Chinese classes at uni, but it's hardly my second language. I've only been going for a month!
my second language is irish, english is my parent language but i'm also fluent in irish, i'm alright at german, i'm crap at french, and i'm quite good at latin (but for god's sake don't ask me to speak it...)

add irish please Very Happy (not gaelic...., you can say "gaeilge" if you like, but not gaelic..... and definitely not celtic....)
i voted french because it is my favorite but actually i know spanish and french its good to be well rounded
I had Spanish forced on me from 3rd grade up to 5th, then I chose German as my (required) foreign language course. I like German much better.
My 2nd language is English!
I'm not sure if I should put Chinese as my first or second language *laugh*

I speak English the most though, so Chinese is probably my second tongue (:
My second language is Swedish but it's not in the poll!
My 2nd lunguage is English and I konw some Japanese.

French is hard to study , but I think the lunguage is very elegant.

If I have chance , I want to learn it.Wink
I can speak frquent Chinese when I was 3 years old
but my English is still very poor
till now Wink
I donn't know when I start my learn to Chinese
but I have study enlish for more than 8 years
Norwegian is my main language. Then I know english, from school, And also German, from staying in germany for 2 years:)
haha, my 2nd lanuage is English. actually, my english is very poor until now...Are there some guys tell me how to learn English better??
I am currently live in russia and speak russian very well.
My second language is English ! But i would like to learn more languages, like Italian
My second language is probably Spanish. My third language is probably Swedish. And I'm on my second year of French. (By the way, I am in middle school...)
My Second Language is Swedish, my third French , and my fourth ( I am working on) is Sinhalese, the majority language in Sri Lanka. Does anyone have any good suggestions about learning new languages?

I speak english as my first. Erm...then followed by Malay and Mandarin. Not that good in mandarin though.
My first tongue is Dutch and my second is English. I also speak a little French and German. Although French is one of the official languages here in Belgium I hate it Twisted Evil
My second language is english which is a good language even if i know a bit of things in english.
Well, My first would definitely be english.

2nd language would be chinese (mandarin) since i attended a chinese school for 6 years during primary school

3rd language would be Malay since it was a compulsory language from where I was (Malaysia)

4th would be cantonese cause the place where I stayed was mostly canton people and they communicate in contonese.

5th would be Hokkien. It's not actually a language i think, it's more of a dialect. My dad's home town was a hokkien town, so I had to learn how to speak if not I wouldn't be ale to go anywhere Laughing
Mark999111 wrote:
im forced to do german at school

it sucks
be thankful id like to learn more german than i alredy know
English and Japanese, both I choose for my 2nd language...
english my second lang. Cool
I have to take Spanish at school, but I know very little because:
1)We have it once a week, and
2)I don't pay very much attention
Spanish use to be my second language, but since I haven't spoken it in a while I may have lost some of my fluency.
English is my second language, my first is Indonesian. Though, I would REALLY love to learn to speak Chinese.. (mando)
English is my second language. I'm from Sweden so swedish is my first language and in school am I studying french as third. Smile
my second language is English, also i have learned German..
Studied 6 months Italian and Spanish but i cant speak them properly...
i really want to learn French but i know that its really hard to speak & learn Sad
i wish someday..somehow..
I said English because French was the dominant language of my school, but I spoke both about the same while growing up. I take Spanish at school, but I'd really like to learn Swedish, but I have no one to speak it with.
I'm a Filipino and my second language is English. Wink
English is my second language, swedish primary and I understand finnish to some degree.
my second language is English. I'd love to learn many languages, though right now I only know of two, my mother tongue and English.
Welsh is my second language, not totally fluent though, learned it at school from age 6 to 14 when I dropped it, as it seemed pointless learning something that only around 600,000 in the world actually use...and in only one tiny nation!
Also, living in England now there's not a soul living anywhere near me I could have a Welsh conversation with!

(for non-UK Frihosters who might not know, the UK is made up of 4 bits - England, Wales, Northern Ireland & Scotland)

...oh, I could also visit Patagonia, Argentina where you can find the only Welsh Colony, which was formed in 1865! I'll definately go there one day, S.America is on my "to do" list Very Happy
My second language is English, since I'm from Poland. A lot of people here learn that language just to get the hell out of here straight to England ;p
I also know a bit French, but I'm not that good in it (they speak way too fast...)
Keran wrote:
My second language is English, since I'm from Poland. A lot of people here learn that language just to get the hell out of here straight to England ;p

Haha!! I've started to learn Spanish to get my ass over to Spain and live in a few years...sunny weather most of the year is the way forward Smile

...european union freedom of travel & residence is the best isn't it!
Estonian is my main language.

2nd language is English (basic from school and rest from movies and www)
3d language is russian from soviet army .
A moderate amount of spanish, although I sort of wish I had done French or German, as those classes had an AP level trip to France/Germany. The spanish classes didn't because there were too many people...
My second language is english. I'm still improving my skills anyway...
my second language is English. First language is Korean.
I'v learned English more than 6 years in schools. but I have still some problem to speak in english. Well... I think my english study in schools might be something wrong. when I was a middle school student, I had studied english at a school three times a week. my english teacher had focused on only grammer and reading. so I had read lots of english sentences and have deep grammar in english....
But it's not useful for me (including my generation) to speak and listen in english.
My second language is english. My first language is german.^^
My second language is English. I have some basic understanding of few more but I can’t speak using them, I’ve never managed to go through more than just several lessons, for different reasons. I like learning languages and I think it is very interesting and useful to learn them, but it becomes a problem if you can only read lessons and maybe find someone on the internet to write using the language...
It is really important to have somebody to speak and learn in that way, and it has to be active learning to make some results.
i tried to learn spanish once.... didn't really stick to me...
My first language is English, followed by ivrit (Hebrew). I speak and understand a moderate amt of spanish as part of my family is spanish speaking since my brother moved his family to mexico. And one year of Latin in school.
English. My mother tongue is actually Spanish...
How can I vote it ?
My second language ; of course English
I know english and punjabi apart from my mother-tongue "hindi"
My mother tongue is Dutch/Flemish Dialect, my second language would be french (I have a decent "vocabulaire" but I'm not so fluent with french as I'm with english (although I make alot of mistakes in my english Embarassed ) and my third english.

Adri Smile
If you consider programming languages to be a second language, then C# is my second language Razz

If not, then.. I guess a bit of french.
American Sign Language should be an option. Its a very important language. Millions of people in the United States use it daily and many more just know it, like me.

But my second and third languages are ASL and French.

-Nick Smile Smile Smile
Hey, how come there's no arabic!!

lol. um. i can't really speak the languages but mine is arabic and filipino (tagalog)
English is my first language then ...

I know a little French and the basics of German, Spanish and Italian.

So, basically, French could be taken as my 2nd language since I know it the best out of the other European languages I have a basic idea of.
Tamil lol
My second language is English. My first is Spanish. I don't have a third, but it would be....Chinese! Smile
First language is Dutch. My second one is French and my third English. I also speak a bit of German, but I wouldn't go much further than asking the road and stuff ^^ Razz
My second language is English and my 3rd language is French. I also know some Spanish.
My second language is zulu. I know a lot of people here have never heard of it.
I learned French before I learned English, but I think my English is better than my French. My 1st language is Dutch.
Well for some reason I can't vote, but anyway the language I speak most often is English, Spanish is my second language, and I'm currently taking French at school.
I can't vote either. I don't speak a second language, but if I did it would be Japanese. It doesn't look like anyone else has chosen it yet. I would be the first vote if I could. Smile
Never learned a second language. I think it would benefit me though to learn at least Spanish, especially since I live in Florida.
I know two languages, English and Chinese, but I don't know the latter very well. It's one of the things I regret in my life; I wish I had paid more attention in school to learn another language. Knowing more than one language is so useful in life, both in giving you better skills for your career as well as different perspectives in life. Having a multicultural past is especially beneficial too, I think, and that makes it so much easier to learn more than one language. I've also heard that kids learn new languages much easier than adults, that they can master almost any language.
According to the result, English is major second language here.
it means there are lots of frihoster who are not english peopole. that's interesting. Actually I came here to improve my english skill and it's very helpul Laughing
Spanish would be my second language as I know it the second best but I still can't speak it that well.

I want to speak Spanish fluently someday.
How can I vote it ?
Hindi and Sanskrit
My first and second languages are English and Urdu. Which exactly is first and which is second, I'm not sure. Technically Urdu is my first language, but I learned English first and can speak it a lot better than I speak Urdu -- eh, I'll vote for English anyway Razz
English would be my primary language.

Cantonese would be my secondary language because my parents speak Cantonese to me often.

Japanese would be my third language because thats the language i learn at school since that is the only Asian language my school teaches but I'm not very good at it and i can't speak or write it properly.
English, cause default Language is german. Wink
I would like to learn Japanese, as I love the culture!
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