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New User Registration Issue in PHP-NUKE v7.9

First of all Hello! I am new to the forums here. I triesd a search for this topic but could not find one. Im sure it has been discussed before.

Here is the Issue:

I have a PHP-NUKE site v 7.9 and I have had it u and running for about 7 years. url is

Whenever new users try to create an account, they get all the way to the FINAL screen which asks them to verify the information they have put in and click "FINISH" to submit. When they click "FINISH", nothing happens. The screen goes blank and the word error appears on my webpage in the upper left corner.

The error looks like this... _ERROR

No email is sent to the person trying to create the account. Does anyone have an idea of what can be causing this? Ive read many forum excerpts on this kind of issue, but most of them have to do with an email being sent to the person but the link does not work. My situation is different. When they click FINISH, nothing happens! and the word _ERROR appears on the site.

Here are some screen shots that I hope will work...

FINAL Screen:

Error message once FINISHED is clicked...

Thanks for ANY Help!

Hi and welcome,
Has this worked before and stopped suddenly after 7years or did it never work?

If you could post the code of the page that handles the request we May be able to help you out because now we've got nothing to start from, Just an error message without a description or error code.
It appears that php-nuke hasn't been updated since 2009, so it might be hard to find a forum with recent discussions of bugs, and there are probably security issues with it. If you have a version older than 8.3.2, you might want to try updating, although you would still have an old version with security issues. It is probably best in the long run if you find a cms with a newer version.

If you want to install a new cms, I would recommend trying it out in a new folder on the site first. If you keep the old one, you may want to manually create new accounts, otherwise you may have to look through a lot of php code and have trouble getting advice.

We do have users here with quite a bit of cms experience (I'm not one of them).
Thank you both. I think it is actually probably time that I migrate to a newer CMS. I have approximately 35 user accounts on my old Nuke site which is not that bad. I may manually bring them over to the new CMS.

Has anyone had any experience with JOOMLA? Their latest v is 3.3. I just dloaded it and am thinking of switching over altogether.

Thanks a bunch for the advice!!

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