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Solar "Freakin" Roadways

Hey guys, just want to share this cool invention dubbed as the Solar 'freakin' roadways. What it is for, check out this video

A new idea for the changing environment. Someday we might be depending on electric vehicles and this would be needed a lot Smile
While a very neat idea, it's exceptionally impractical. I am all for improving our energy budgets and reducing our impacts upon the environment/climate, but I just don't see this as a viable solution. Solar? Yeah, solar is good... Solar roadways? No.

There are many, many flaws with the concept, not least of which is long-term durability and efficiency of the solar cells, which would be under constant wear and tear from vehicles rolling over them. Solar cells need to collect as much solar energy as possible to work well, any disruption to light intensity (such as something shading, or mechanically etching the glass surface with grit and tires) will hinder the efficiency of the cell, reducing output. I can't see these cells standing up to a year of being used, and, given how expensive they'd be, just can't be economical... even if you find a way to store the generated electricity for use at night.

The whole LED thing is just silly, and completely useless in the day time, and likely too bright at night... and think about all the extra light pollution it would generate at night. Glass as a road surface just seems dangerous on several levels as well.

There are several videos on YT debunking the hype over these things; take a peek around. There are several other shortfalls of these things, but, that's enough for now Razz

Efficient solar energy is a great goal, but, building panels on surfaces that are not routinely exposed to high wear and tear is a far better idea.
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