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what programming language is best to create wbesite?

im quite confused on what will i use to create webist? asp.NET or php?
If you choose, you will likely be limited to use of a Microsoft host computer, and the price is usually a little higher because the software is not free. By now there may be some hosts providing by using mono, which is a free-software replacement of the .net framework. I imagine it is not highly developed though, and still not likely to be the most effective choice.

For the most flexibility, I think PHP is a good choice. There are many website packages using it, so you can start with a full-featured dynamic site and yet customize things with your own PHP code.

Python also seems to be an interesting language for web sites, but I don't know much about the website tools available for it. Python version 3 is the only one I would be interested in doing a lot of programming with, and many packages have not yet been converted from Python 2.
It depends on what resources you have.
Just like SonLight said, asp is much expensive choice.
Php is much popular choice, because it's free.

If you have your own machine to be the sever, I will suggest JSP.
There are many complete structure in JSP.
It's also much safer and easy to develope in Java which is a language with much support in free library and documents on the Internet.

If you have to use free web-service or shared host, you almost have only one choice - PHP.
I think the first question will be: do you want to create your own web site from scratch or do you want to pick any of the many Content Management Systems (cms) out there ( more than 1200 alone on ), or any open source blog or wiki platform ( like e.g. running you own mediawiki for example ).
I hardly believe that anyone reallly would like to start from scratch building a web site when there are so many solutions available already and most of the basics, like user management, content management, discussion platforms etc. etc. have been implemented a thousand times already.

May be tell us more about what functionality your web site is supposed to deliver ? ( This would be the question before the first question to ask ).
I agree with Amagard. If you're thinking of learning to make a website just to make a website or two, you are in for some wasted time galore. These days you have Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, so many free blogging services. You don't really need to know ANYTHING to set up a beautiful website in mere minutes.

If you think about designing websites for a living - think again as well. Since Wordpress themes are so popular now, the money in making templates and with it comes a lot of commitments. New Wordpress version comes out, your theme has to be compatible with it, something doesn't work for one user who has bought your template - you have to help him etc. In short, website making business is now tighter and more competitive than ever before, but those who succeeed can make gazillion times more money than they were making in the past (thanks to Themeforest). Are you sure you can be one of those guys? You better have a lot of skill and a bit of luck Wink

As for asp vs php, it's a no brainer, go for php. It's more basic, cheaper, more popular and therefore more essential. But think about programming, designing websites is not the best place to be these days.
Html 5
Quick, Free and easy


Just add three pages and link between them, once you`ve done that move onto CSS (Which basically takes the colours and formatting out of HTML pages to speed up pages and to reduce repeating code and is saved and called from a file on your hosting website - Frihost for example )

If you are still in the mood after HTML(HyperText Markup Language) and CSS(Cascade Style Sheets)
Java Script for the cool stuff.

In my experience i spent a lot of time learning Flash, windows phones don't show flash and with Microsoft Silverlight*and HTML5 showing most things save yourself some time unless you really want it.

Hope this helps, if not no worries

*(strange but windows phones dont play microsoft silverlight!)
I agree with the selection of PHP over because it's much easier to use and more powerful. It's also more versatile.
php css html(5) JAVASCRIPT.. Mysql

One of the best ways to learn all these is to install a wamp server on your computer.
In creating a website, you should use a server-side scripting languages when you setup the server of your website and choose some languages that will make your site look awesome and appealing to your viewers.

There are a variety of programming languages for server-side scripting you can choose. You can use Javascript or PHP. PHP is sometimes hard to understand if you're a newbie but you can get used to it if you have basic knowledge of C or C++. You can even use Python, or Ruby to produce CGI webpages and ordinary webpages.

These are just options because I don't know what will you be going to put in your site. The language that you will be using also depends on what you're going to put on the site. If your website is just a personal page and about yourself or a blog site, just use plain JavaScript, HTML5 and some CSS to add up some spices. If it's a site that contains a database, use a server-side scripting such as PHP, Python, or Ruby then add up the three that I've mentioned before. Cool

It it is also up to you which server-side scripting language you would use for your website if you will be the one who is hosting the web server of the website you are creating. Very Happy
There are so many learning resources available. If you are looking for global viewability, I would suggest sticking with HTML and stay away from recent updates.
Just my 2 cents.
Da Rossa
Are you into creating a website for the art of designing and plannig itself, or would you like to focus on the content? If the latter is the case, then why not use a pre-built "framework" like WordPress? It is very friendly and way easier to learn rather than building something from scratch. People these days should focus on the message rather than on the form.
To answer your specific question first, if the choices are between asp and php, I'd choose php because it is the most widely used, also, if you already know javascript, the syntax is somewhat similar. Now, although lots of people recommend using Content Management Systems, why not learn some front end programming also? I think the classic html, css, javascript combo is more fun ( well maybe not so much css but there are frameworks which could make your life easier ) if you are interested in the nuts and bolts of making a website plus they are highly flexible. Anyway as Da Rossa indicated, it really depends on whether you are just interested in getting the content online, or if you'd rather learn web design and development more in depth. One bonus of learning html, css, javascript is that you can use those skills to make highly portable web apps ( especially if you learn some jQuery also ). Wink
Da Rossa
I know some of HTML and CSS, but not a bit of JS, and even less of JQ. It's news to me hairy_yuppie! Maybe I sould learn javascript in the first place!
It depends on you want a server side or client side language. But these days all mixed up. Since you have mentioned .Net and php would say php is the best choice. Easy to use and there are loads of resources you can find online. Also since it's Linux based you only need cheap Linux hosting to run your sites. Also most of major Opensource or free projects like Wordpress are done in php.
Da Rossa
I'd like to ask you what do you think of Ruby. I see it's a great and simple language to learn. It's also know for creating web applications. But what about for a website in general?
Nowadays, maybe Python
Da Rossa
Why Phyton? Tell us your input. I've seen many people advocating for it, even some TV shows mention phyton. But why?
Go with the trend

PHP for backend programming.
MySQL for Database
HTML/CSS for frontend or user-side programming.
MarioSiAko wrote:
im quite confused on what will i use to create webist? asp.NET or php?

Both are dangerous. For fun or game
no problem.

But never use it on a Paidpage.
I'll be using python 2.7 for my blog style website which will be based on interactive gpu openGL through python.
Python can not produce problemes like C++ orand Java?
Just make simple and friendly website like blogger most common tools to create website wordpress. not complicated easy to use and a lot of plugins. btw it depends the requirements of the clients what they want to build the site cluding Web Content Management, Online Marketing, E-commerce, Online Communities, and Intranet and Collaboration etc.
Do You have good experiences with Wordpress?
PHP is the best now a days..Its easy to understand the syntax and easy to code now compared before.
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