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$10 off $10 or more coupons

Does anyone else get coupons of "$10 off $10 or more" in the mail from JCPenney? | |

I've gotten 6 or so of them (at my P.O. Box) about once a month and used them to buy clearance items totaling $11-ish for about a dollar. I guess I could get one of their few exactly $10 items for free or just a sales tax, but that would be a little awkward at checkout.

I don't know why I started getting them. I do shop there a few times a year and never signed up for anything, when I order online it's sent to their store for me to pick up so they didn't get my P.O. Box address from me.

It's either from my credit card or they bought the address of my P.O. Box from a competitor and think I'm worthy of that deal.

There's also the impossibility that a posting I put on my facebook wall a few weeks before the coupons started coming where I described a little incident in one of their stores while it was happening about how 2 mall cops were following me around to keep watch on me because I shop unusually (somehow they got my address and the coupons are their way of saying they were sorry for using the mall cops)

Have you ever gotten coupons like that? How would you use it?
On black Friday over a month ago I had the chance to use their "$10 of $10 or more" coupon to get a few items I purchased for free at JC Penney. At Kohls I used one of their $5 off coupons. At Younkers I had a "$10 off an item of $10 ore more" coupon but I couldn't use it. Unlike the other stores their similar deal had a few exclusions, but it effectively excluded 99% of the store. It was because almost everything they had for sale was either marked as a black friday Doorbuster, an "incredible value" or clearance. Only 2 or 3 items in every department was eligible for $10 off. I tried to use it anyway a few times but it never worked.|
Damn that sounds like some great coupons! I assume they assume just getting you to the store is worth a $10 investment and from there the majority of people will buy way more than $10 worth of stuff. Good thing your a smart one and able to beat the system! I need to get myself on that list. I don't really shop for clothes very often (unless its the thrift store) but if they are giving clothes away sign me up!!!
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