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Taking a Gap Year

After years of working, do you think it is ok to take a Gap year (or a Sabbatical) where you will have a break on your career that would last for a few months to a year?
if you can afford it, any break is a good break.
I think it's important to keep you going, and to stop you from getting burnt out in your career. Everyone needs a break once in a while, and sometimes you need a longer one than just a few weeks of vacation. If you're worried about the ramifications of it in terms of hunting for a job later on, you can easily spin it off in a way that makes it look like you learned a lot of positive experiences that you can apply to your future jobs. It's all about how to spin it and what sort of things you did in your gap year. I think most companies nowadays would understand if you took a year off. It's also a good way to explain a gap in your resume otherwise... You wouldn't be the only one who was unemployed for a year or longer and have an employer notice.
The real problem is not how your potential future boss will look at your 12 months off the grid. You cans say that you are a hard and dedicated worker and can't work any other way but to commit 100% and this leaves you burnt down and since you have made a mistake of not caring too much about regeneration, you got sore chakras and had to make a break to regain your chi.

The real problem is getting back into the rhythm. Even for the most motivated people one year free can be deady. It happens more often than many people think - a car accident can do that easily and everybody who crosses the road from time to time can become a candidate. When you get off that work train, you can become lazy, apathetic, even suffer deppression. What doesn't move starts to die Wink

So I wouldn't do more than 2 months of rest, or maybe drop off your old job and start applying after a month, resting in the meantime until you find one. It's way too much for any energy deficiency.

If we are talking about mental problems istead though, that's an entirely different matter and full life can be not enough if you're a child rape victim for example. But judging from your post, it's not about that so some minor resting is probably all that you'll need Wink
Geez a few months off - no matter what the job I have held I have never taken more than a few weeks off a year - I was unemployed for 8 months but spent the entire time working on a website and looking for a job, I think I worked harder over that 8 months than I do while working.

I am 6 years away from retirement and I have never even thought of a sabbatical or months off voluntary - never wanted to loose the income. Having 8 months off destroyed my retirement accounts and the whole idea is to work steadily and save for retirement. Time off meant no contribution to the day I don't have to work any more.

Personally I have never considered such a thing and tonberry said once you get used to not working it is hard to get back in the grove of working - plus when I take time off I still work, just on my own thing, not the companies Cool Very Happy
I'd say if you have the money to pay bills plus a solid plan to take advantage of your free time then do it! I currently work from home and it helps to get more out of free time if trying to be productive.
Da Rossa
A sabbatical period would be good in most cases. Everyone need a break some time.
However the market is wild and, specially if you're in the IT sector, then I wouldn't recommend more than six months away. Things can develop too quickly and you need to keep updated.
A break is good but I do not think that a year would be the choice. But you never know how a gap year can prove to be useful. I mean, you could discover a whole new you, travel around the globe or do a lot of personal developments which shifts your view towards something else, something much more productive, so that the years ahead are life changing for you.
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