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Pandora - Helps you discover new music you'll like

I just wanted to bring up a site that I found out about just the other day and has been open in my browser the entire time since.

You can learn about it on the site but I will briefly discribe what it does here. First, it is a flash program and when you open it you type in the name of a musical artist or song that appeals to you, and it, using a huge music database, searches for songs that are similar to the one that you entered. It procedes to create a 'station' of song after song that is similar to the ones that you like.

You can either register for free, which they say will be adverstising supported in the future, but as of yet they are no ads, or you can buy a monthy or yearly subscription that will always be advertising free.

It's obvious that they wont be able to include every band and song that has ever been created, but they claim to have songs from thousands of artists, so you should be able to find something you like, I know I have.
Wow, a great site, it even has some smaller, less well-known bands. It still seems to need a little work though.
Shocked pretty cool! *adds to bookmarks*
oh yeah i have heardof that site! great site btw. lol you'll find my favorite singer utada! *cheers*
that looks like the thing i need!
what a good idea, thanks for sharing!
been looking for something like this, ty!! Laughing
It's a great site to discover new music that you wouldn't have found otherwise. I find it a little irritatiing after the 4th or 5th song in the same style, so I set up many different stations. (Use the drop down arrow next to the station name and you can rename them)

Anybody else think the sound quality is unusually good for streaming audio? Are they using something special?

It would be also interesting to have more technical information for the behind the scenes about how they add markers to the songs for the genome...
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