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From XP to Win 7

After using Windows XP for more than 10 years I have finally moved to Windows 7. For a long time I had have no reason to change OS because Windows XP was working find but since last year I had so many problems specially related to Firefox. It was getting freeze for few seconds every once in while and then got worse.

So Last week I gave Windows 7 a try and found it works much better. I was worrying about RAM usage but seems it's using even less RAM than my Windows XP had used. Also Firefox problem is gone. Only problem I have is I have to change file and folder permission manually for every old file and folder I have there.

Well I have Windows 8 in my Laptop I really don't like it every much. I think it's great for touch screen devices but not with mouse.
It is great that now all the original ISOs are downloadable from Microsoft site itself. So the chance of corrupted media is gone. All you need to do is purchase the key only.

Windows 8 is horrible ( even it is admitted by MS itself). 8.1 is a bit better. The win 7 is far more better.

I am running win 7 ultimate on my 2004 Lenovo laptop( C100 D10) with 1.5 GHz Celeron (M) and 1GB DDR-1 RAM (333 MHz) without any problem.
My biggest worry about Windows 7 was RAM power. I think it needs more than 4GB and better with 64bit systems. But I was totally wrong. Smile

I think I will stick with Windows 7 for a while. Still something better comes or till there's a huge change in industry.
I had schanged my OS from XP to Win7.
Win7 works well and I had not have any problems (so far).
jajarvin wrote:
I had schanged my OS from XP to Win7.
Win7 works well and I had not have any problems (so far).

Yeah same here. I haven't has any problem except some of those old games are not working in Windows 7. Apart from that it works great.
Da Rossa
Wanna an advice? Go straight for Windows 8. Don't worry about the look&feel, trust me: Microsoft doesn't want you to feel bad. You don't have to surrender to the metro UI, you still have access to everything. The only thing you're going to miss in the beginning will be the start menu, but not for real. First, you can install an app called Classic Shell (Google it Smile) if you want it back. Second, the start screen does function like a start menu even if you don't have a touch device. Plus a number of other advantages in funcionality.

Windows 7 will stop receiving improvement updates (not to be confused with security updates) in January 2015. So you better get on moving. You won't regret. It's the main OS now! Smile
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