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Multilevel Marketing - My advice

Like any other post here in the advertising section I am going to post a link to my capture page.

I wanted to take the opportunity to post on the subject of Multilevel Marketing.

First off most of us including myself live a life of wage slavery, which means that we live our lives as slaves to our jobs because we cannot afford to lose the job or the income, thus off to work we go everyday.

Working for a living is an honorable thing to do as I feel each of us has an obligation to contribute to our society and help make it the best place to live for ourselves and our fellow man.

My problem with a job is that it typically (not always) leaves people as slaves to their wages in that we end up living paycheck to paycheck barely affording the necessities in life, food, water, shelter, transportation and the bills associated with these necessities. Like myself most of us can save some money monthly, but those savings are typically depleted when and if family emergencies arise.

For most of us this typically means that we are facing retirement with minimal to no funds and here in the US we at least have Social Security that provides a subsistence level income for retirement.

So given this situation what options are there that could provide a relief from this problem.

In comes MLM, Multilevel Marketing, I know that most people grimace at the thought of selling a product and promoting it to family and friends! I do as well, however, with the web there are more successful MLM people than ever before, and one of the facts about the industry is that it is responsible for creating more millionaires than any other business in the world and has done so for over 15 years now.

This is an impressive fact coupled with the fact that if you have ever met a successful MLM person they will tell you that the majority of their sales come from non family members.

The web provides the ability to set up capture pages to obtain peoples email addresses as leads, and build a sales team with people recruited outside of our family and friends.

The web also provides us the ability to duplicate our efforts by providing the same sales tools to our associates and help them gain the same success that big MLM income earners enjoy.

The trick is to find an lucrative opportunity, and get on with an up line member that supports you and provides you the tools to enjoy a successful MLM endeavor.

I have found a team that meets those criteria, the first piece of advice they gave me was to manage my time, and commit to the business for at least a year.

Along with their advice I was also provided the tools to market and capture leads on the web, these tools were provided for free.

The opportunity is with a company called I2G, and they are starting up social media site, music site to compete with Itunes, and online gambling sites. As a member not only do you earn commission from your team members sign up fees, but you also earn profit sharing commissions off of music purchases, social media advertising sales, and online gambling expenditures. Something that looks like it could over time produce an incredible income.

So I am looking to promote the opportunity here on frihost, and along with it, eventually use my host wordpress blog on frihost to chronicle my efforts, and sell other online products and hopefully gain some sort of financial stability for retirement.

Of course I am looking for team members, people that will commit for at least a year, set up the tools and work at contacting people and bringing them into our team.

You can look at the opportunity here:

After you enter your email address it will take you to a presentation page where you can learn about the opportunity from my fantastic upline Tim Edwards.

I spent an hour on the phone with Tim's wife Petya last night going over how to use facebook, twitter, google+, instagram, qand songstagram for generating leads and building a team. Something I have never experience before.

Past opportunities that I have joined, typically an up line person psychs you up for the sale, you make the purchase, and never hear from them again. It is great to finally have the support from successful folks helping me be successful.

So here is my post, I needed points for my blog, and I get to share as well on frihost

Not a single comment?

Move along nothing to see here!
I realize no one has responded to this thread, and like I said I don't really care if anyone does.

I am going to post about things I am doing with my network marketing opportunity just because it seems like an easy thing to do for points and to keep my blog hosted for free.

So here are some MLM Basics - I'm going to start this with a little story from 2009.

I knew a layoff was coming from my employer AT&T, I had a job lined up with General Dynamics in the USCIS Network Operations Center (NOC). I had to get a Top Secret Clearance and new there was going to be some unemployment time between layoff and new job start. So I joined an Network Marketing Company that a friend of mine came to me with, FHTM was the name of the company.

I decided that I was not going to consider the traditional method of talking to family, friends, and chatting people up about it. I looked on the web and found company HBSA that specialized in helping people build up their income in a network marketing company.

They had two methods for building up your income - signing people up.

1) Cold Calling
2) Calling pre-qualified leads - generated off the web

The course and set up took about 200 hours which they wanted you to complete at 10 hours a week for 20 weeks - the whole time you were in the course you received a Mentor to personally go over phone scripts, web pages, some tech support. There were also weekly training calls on "how to" for godaddy (where we had our lead generation pages hosted), aweber (autoresponder), web page tool, ad writing, etc. It was a great deal (the school) and they wanted you to commit 2 years to 10 to 20 hours of work to build a successful network marketing income.

The three steps are:

Prospecting - These is where you speak to leads (people) about your opportunity, and invite them to learn more about your business.

Presentation - This is where you show them about your company - the products and the pay plan.

Close - This is where you get them to buy into the business - close the sale!

This three step process is known as the "Sales Funnel", AND it is driven by leads. The more leads you can put through the funnel, the more chances of success and sign ups - INCOME.

The thing is the greatest Sales Funnel in the world is useless without leads, like a Hot Rod without gasoline. All show and no go!

Sure cold calling sucks, and calling leads from the web sucked, but after setting it up, and working at it I began to have some success.

Thing is all that died in one fell swoop after I missed a house payment and all my credit card balances were cut down to below the amount owed, and I was hit with over limit fees. Yea over night I was out of the network marketing company - dues didn't get paid, godaddy gone, aweber, all of it.

So here I am in 2014 and like I said I am now with Global 1 Entertainment. This time no cold calling.

But I'll talk about that in my next post! Cool
So here is my next installment on my Network Marketing opportunity - I've been using Facebook and Twitter almost exclusively for marketing - I typically make 5 good Facebook posts a week or more, and interact with my friends. Next I send 10 new friend requests a day. AND everyday I send messages to 10 - 12 friends asking them if they are interested in diversifying their income. I have sent 6 people to a presentation so far using that method and signed up 1.

I have also been using Craig's List and Backpages to advertise putting up 8 to 10 ads a day in various cities under various categories relevant to our products. It works, generates about 4 to 8 leads a week, and I've signed up 3 of them.

While I know that 4 people does not seem like a lot, for me it is, and I'm psyched over it.

I have to extend a huge thank you to my team and up line. While I am busy at work they call my leads and close them if possible - I've never had that kind of support before from anyone!

Without them this would not be possible!!

I'll keep updating this post as more information comes up!!
Things have been going well with the opportunity I've continued to place ads, and send prospecting messages to people on Facebook and twitter. My up line members have come up with script for us for prospecting on facebook, twitter, google+, pintrest, and instagram - using their script or opener seems to work it gets a lot of response.

After I get the initial response I send them to my URL and have them watch the presentation videos, leave their name, number, and email and I contact them, or they message me back on social media sites.

IF I hear back from them after the videos I schedule a time with them and get them on the phone with my up line person. So far the process over two weeks has resulted in 2 signups. I figure 2 every three weeks gives me 17 people a year into my business, not bad considering I hope to get better at it and sign up even more people.

Also, I have achieved this with 14 hours a week worth of work - 2 hours every morning 7 days a week. This is on top of my full time job.

Facebook send 10 prospecting messages, send 10 friend requests, make one post.
Twitter send 10 prospecting messages, follow 10 people, make one tweet.
Place 10 Craig's list ads
Place 10 Backpage ads

Takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to get through it all, sometimes more sometimes less depending on who responds and how chatty they are.

I have to say I pretty psyched about how it is going and where it is going!

I recently attended a seminar with an old contact/organization that I have been somewhat associated with for over 10 years now.

This is one of those new age meditation groups where the leader has all the answers to inner peace, fulfillment, the universe, and god, and the rest of his followers are - not getting it, not working hard enough, not listening to him or doing enough to gain HIS level of power.

As always he has a new product coming out, and he hypes his new product - An Incredible mix of music that is going really be the end all of end all when listening to it during meditation. Of course the product cost way more than I can ever afford and if I inquire about it I typically get the advice that my financial failures are my problem, my fault, and to shut up quit complaining and "save up" to by his products.

I have spent a fair amount of money on this Corporations products and given them a sincere effort and met with reverse, or no results. When I have questioned my experience I was verbally, and emotionally assaulted for my questions, and NEVER EVER ****** GOD DAMN ONCE has anyone in the organization been able to UNEMOTIONALLY discuss the practices or results with me - IT ALWAYS TURNS INTO A SHIT ON THE IDIOT ASKING THE QUESTIONS conversation - with a whole host of - did you do enough? you didn't do enough? you did too much? and on an on with the turn it back on you shove your questions back down your throat and make you feel like shit for asking any questions about their "fantastic technique" Because there is nothing ever working with the "Great Guru" or his divine techniques - but there is something definitely wrong with you for asking!!

One day it dawned on me that this guy is only selling god, and selling it with a hype - and people are frustrated, broke, confused, guilty, miserable, and this guy just preys on it for his income!

To ad insult to injury he has people flocking to him for his material!

Me - I'm selling an income, a way to produce a great income on line with some effort and concentration - My I struggle to find 1 or 2 people to join me and work with me.

Go figure - people will spend hours praying, meditating, trying to think positively, spend thousands on this sort of material, continue to live in poverty, suffering financially, and get no where in life, continuing to believe in some god.

I ask for an hour a day and they can't give it or work at it - let me ask you this?

If you spend an hour a day focusing on GOD, at the end of a year what will you have?

Spend an hour a day focusing on building a team and an income and in a year what will you have?

But hey - I'm not an enlightened guru, a priest, a minister or some all knowing holy man so who the hell would ever listen to me?
I think it is great that I have a whole thread to myself here on Frihost - that the topic Network Marketing and Earning money on line is so meaningless to everyone on the forums that there is not a single response to my posts Smile

That is fine by me - I will tell you that I am dedicated to this and going to make it work - I am going to give this opportunity a years of working steadily at it and see if I can fix my financial situation.

You know when it comes to network marketing most people are so prejudice toward it and think it is some sort of scam or joke - a rip off or hoax.

I am dumbfounded about how ignorant people are about this business and just turn off when you talk about it.

Personally I think the reason for this is many people are opinionated, bitter, angry, stupid, and poor and will argue viciously to stay that way.

I think that most people would rather remain broke - live on subsistence level income - and when you offer them a real step by step method to build an income from something as incredible as network marketing - they would rather insult you ridicule you and belittle your efforts rather than join you and change their lives.

You know folks we are talking about an industry that has created more millionaires in the past 20 years than any other business type - more than bloggers, Affiliate Marketers, more than conventional business.

Knowing that and knowing that the masses think it is a scam - ripoff - and lie - makes this business one of the best kept secrets in the world - and prevents my market from ever being saturated Smile

I am making progress I am signing up people and starting to earn money - and I am dumbfounded that not a single person has commented in the least to this thread.

I will tell you in a year from now these posts will be so much different Smile
Well I have to keep up my post count to keep my website on frihost so here is another of my updates on my network Marketing efforts.

First off I am using Social Media to market the opportunity - Typically I send 20 to 50 messages a day to connections on Facebook, Linkedin, Tsunami, Meetme, and Twitter. Typically I post a link to my site on Twitter 3 times a day, and I put up a good post on the other sites as well.

Like I said - I have signed up 4 people and continue to generate interest in my business with my efforts. I work a 50 to 60 hour a week job - so I only get an hour or two a day to work at this. Typcially I spend the time first thing in the morning sending messages to people asking them if they are interested in diversifying their income? Those that are I ask them to watch a video, and those that want to talk about the business after they have seen the video - I get them on the phone with my up line and have them work to close the sale.

This process is 1) easy 2) repeatable - anyone can do it, and 3) sustainable - I can keep doing this for 1 to two hours a day for years to come.

Given these three facts about my new Network Marketing Business - I am confident that I can grow this into a substantial income.

One of the things I think is funny about this is that people ask me all the time - How much money have you earned?

You know it is not about the money - it is about having an easy system to implement - one that can be easily worked for an hour or two a day - An easy system that can be taught to others - AND they can do the same work with no difficulties. This is the thing that people should be asking:

Is you system easy, simple to teach, and simple to consistently work at for years to come?

If the answer is yes then you have a step by step way to build a residual income! This is not a get rich quick scheme - this is like working out and staying healthy - it is not a on week endeavor - this is a life time commitment that I am in the long haul to produce an incredible income.

Thanks if you are reading Rolling Eyes
I like posting on my own private thread - I think it is great that no one responds - It is now kind of like a blog with me posting my own reply's.

So the Network Marketing opportunity continues to grow - it is quite easy to get up every morning before work and send 10 to 20 messages on Facebook and Twitter looking to see if anyone is interested in looking at the company! Pretty easy stuff!

Here is my Facebook Message - I hope I am not being to forward by asking how things are for you financially? Is your income OK? Are you struggling? Are you OK with your job? - To let you know a little more about me - I am a business man and I have been doing some testing.

It has taken me years of research to find high quality people that are getting it done.

Are you open to diversifying your income if it does not interfere with what you are doing now?

Here is my Twitter Message - Are you open to diversifying your income if it does not interfere with what you are doing now?

I get 1 to 5 people out of 20 that respond - So far I have managed to 3 people out of 600 messaged - Personally for Direct Marketing those are OK numbers - typically Direct Sales tells you the actual sales rate is 1 to 3% So not very high!

Thing is like I have pointed out before - I have a consistent method to contact people and ask them if they would like to take a look at my business - Having this consistent method and a proven sales funnel is without a doubt that biggest gift to my success - It is not what I am selling - it is that I have a method to sell consistently and it is FREE Cool
This is likely on the unacceptable side of the spam line, but I'm going to leave the thread... but I'm going to lock it.
the lack of response here should be a little indicative of its desirability.
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