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Chinese highschool

I am not sure if this is a well-known figure, but it is certainly new, and surprising for me when I first learned about it after making several chinese friends during my undergrad in the UK..
Their highschool starts at 7 and ends at 10 in the evening?!
No wonder I see a lot of chinese fellow spending at least 12 hours in the library daily.


It's hard work, and some are definite monsters that can't be underestimated. To me, those are very inspirational and it had changed me in the middle of my degree.
But often I think it's detrimental? As I've also seen some zombieing into lectures, getting very little out of them, and going back to their study trying to learn the very thing explained in those lectures they just attend, and usually taking more than an hour to do so..
Sylin wrote:
Their highschool starts at 7 and ends at 10 in the evening?!

This means 15 hours of had work!
I doubt that they are after this session quit exhausted.
What do they do between 10 in the evening and 7 AM ?
They sure have a very busy night live? Smile
Actually it's common situation in Asia countries.
Students study at school at day, and go to cram school / after-class school at night or at weekends.
Some normal schools hold night class, too.
It's normal to study 15 hours a day in this situation.

It's very competitive in Asia countries,
so students have to work hard to get better educational background,
and hope it can help them to get a better job.

Of course, there are many students who don't study hard to apply good colleges,
and just find a job.
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