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5 posts rule

Can someone explain me why 5 posts are required for free web hosting?
To create some action around these forums and to keep the community alive.
Read the FAQ.
Q: Why do I need 5 posts before requesting a hosting account?
First of all, this is to prevent abuse from hackers and spammers. Secondly, being active on our forums is required to keep your hosting. By posting 5 non-spam posts, you show to be willing to remain active in here.

Q: Why do I need to be active on your forums?
First of all, we need to cover our costs. Instead of placing advertisements on your websites, we place them on our own website.
Of course, this is not the main reason we require forum posting. You will most likely see that after posting a bit, you will start to enjoy posting on our forums. Without the original requirement, this would have never happened.
And with an active community, every user will get a quick response to his/her questions and problems.
I think roles are not applied right now.
Does that rule not generate Spam-Bots in the Forums?
johans wrote:
I think roles are not applied right now.
They certainly are.
MIBAGelaendespiel wrote:
Does that rule not generate Spam-Bots in the Forums?

No; spam bot activity is generally unaffected by the official rules of a forum... Those placing bots don't care about the rules, they're spamming to spam.
Forum users with spam bots are also breaking the posted rules and are dealt with once detected (which may well include termination of their hosting).
It's useless to use a bot to fulfill the requirements for hosting because the hosting requests are approved manually and the posts need to have some level of quality to be accepted.
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