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No Hosting Yet Points Decreasing

What's the deal with this?
Are you sure you're not hosted? Check your account page.
I'm positive. My account page says still waiting.
The forum and hosting are not really linked. Yes, you need to post to maintain hosting, keeping your points positive, but, the generation and loss of points are entirely on the forum side of the service.

That is to say that the points system is actually independent of hosting, it's forum only (though the admins do cross reference people's forum points when culling and granting hosting accounts, but it's a manual process).
PBMaxx wrote:
What's the deal with this?
The general expectation is that you'll have had hosting by now if you had qualified. The points system was designed for a system where hosting is created more timeously. It is probably a good idea to keep your points positive though as I'm almost certain it would have a psychological effect on the account creators. I don't know what the Frihost Account Creator Dashboard looks like, but if I were an Account Creator my eyes would move to those applicants who look the most active and are showing an interest in the Forum by way of a healthy collection of posts and serve them first. If they see a negative count, and you haven't posted in a while, they may think you've given up and are no longer interested in space.

If you want to read about the mechanics of the points - i.e. how it has been set up, you can check the FAQs:
Q: What are the 'Points'?
The Points are used to determine how active you are (if you are hosted by us). You shouldn't worry about them, unless they become negative. The hosting accounts of users with negative Points may be removed. You can't trade or exchange Points.

You are able to earn points by posting messages on our forums. At the moment of writing this, you can earn between 1 and 5 points, depending on the length of the post. Please keep in mind that those values are regularly changing and may currently be different.

Every day, 1 Point is deducted from all hosted members. There is also a maximum of 45 Points. Two email warnings are sent at -5 and -10 Points. Your account may get removed after those two warnings if you are still inactive.

Please note that the Points are only an indication of your activeness. Frihost uses it to indicate possible inactive users. No account is removed automatically.


The "coins" system may also be interesting to read about as it is linked to the points system. It is a reward system for those who maintain points above 45 and is calculated on a daily basis on the points in excess of 45. The FAQs were created before the coins, so if you can't find information in the FAQs, then Bondings' "Frihost Official Blog" is a logical second place to check for all kinds of interesting information:
Thanks for the quote, dean. I remembered everything except "45 point max".

and there ya go Wink
PBMaxx wrote:
Thanks for the quote, dean. I remembered everything except "45 point max".

and there ya go Wink
Haha .... I must remember that. I guess we've been here for so long we take the 45 max for granted. Very Happy
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