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magic online

i love playing magic the gathering, but i dont have with who, becuase here it is not as popular as in europe. However i usually go weekends to play with some friends. But talking specifically about magic online, i would like to know, if someone plays it, now uhave to pay if you want so there is less people. i play with another online magic program "magic workstation" do anyone here plays it?
I used to play it... but then it got to the point where everyone had the same deck and the result was always the same i'd be winning to s certain point then they'd bring out a creature/spell/artifac that either killed off all my creatures and gave them loads of life or take all my creatures... Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad

it just got pointless cause if you had the same deck it would go on forever... or if you had something else then you would stomp them to the point of death then always they'd do something and wipe you out in a couple of turns...

It got boring so then i sold my profile on ebay...

Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad
Well, first of all, how would you play with YOUR OWN deck? I mean I think you may have to go out and buy special cards for the Online Game. And, they are a lot of money too. You should just keep playing with friends. By the way, don't you have a local Comic Book store? Because, one near my house has tournaments every weekend, for money too. (If the comic store has D&D tournaments, they're bound to have Magic too.)
I tried magic online but it was too expensive so I never really got into it but recently someone showed my something similar to magic online but it is free I have not tried it yet but will try it soon here is the link that I was given
Ofcource it wouldnt work..
So, uh, I'm pretty antisocial, and generally prefer to play against an AI if I can help it. I used to own Sid Meier's Magic game way (*way*) back when, but I lent out my CD and never got it back. I haven't been able to find it on any abandonware sites, but I really loved that one. The story was kind of stupid, but building a deck from a growing library of cards was really fun. And most importantly, it was made back when I used to actually play the real-life card game, back when a single human being could reasonably comprehend the entire set of cards, and you didn't need like 5 phone-book-sized tomes to list them all. Unfortunately, it had a few seriously crippling bugs, like having the game window resize to be useless on any modern OS. I think that may have been fixed in a subsequent patch, though.

Does anybody know where to get the old one? I'd love to play it again.
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