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Link Building

Work on getting high page rank back links

Focus on relevant links from other websites

Build link wheel to get solid ranking

Guest posting in high quality with valuable and unique content
I want to let you know that link wheel, guest posting etc are getting badly affected by Google, so dont fully depend upon them for improving your site ranking.
Just make a lot of original useful contents for real human, since it is the key of success in search engine optimization. Content is king you know. You will get a lot of free backlinks if your site is useful for the visitors. Link building is wasting time. Link building is only good on the starts, to introduce your site to search engine. 10 or 20 dofollow links from a good quality blog or forum is enoug for the introduction. Use the time to get good quality contents. You can buy original english or local language content from the internet. There are so many people offering article writing service with cheap price on internet. Keep the website script seo and keep posting the new good quality articles everyday i think it's enough to bring visitors from search engine.
I don't think all those traditional link building methods work anymore. There was a time when I could rank my sites with links from forum signatures. In those day quantity worked pretty well and content didn't matter at all. But now things has changed. If you want to rank well for competitive keywords and stay in those topi rank you need to work a hard.

Content is the most important thing these days when it comes to SEO. You must have unique content in your money sites and you need to have 500+ words in each page/post. Also you need to update content regularly. At least once a month you need to add new content.

When you create backlink you need to be very careful. Throwing backlinks from every source doesn't work anymore. You need to do it in Tier systems. First Tier which connect to your money site must have full control. Means you should able to remove those links if it needed. So those links need to be made by your self or bought from a quality source. Need to add quality content and keep those sites updates. Web 2 properties are the best choice for Tier 1 sites. For example,, etc.

Then you need to create a Tier 2. These links should be pointed at those Tier 1 sites. You can use more Web 2.0 properties and manually built social bookmarks for this level.

Then their Tier 3. To get all those Tier 2 links indexed you can use all law quality links like forum profile and signature links, Wiki links, mass bookmarking links etc.

Not an easy process but it works great and the safest method for back links.
One idea is to simply setup blogs on different domains and have unique content in the blogs and have the links point to your site.

Also domain age does make a difference.
Zackster wrote:
One idea is to simply setup blogs on different domains and have unique content in the blogs and have the links point to your site.

Google will probably be suspicious if all the blogs are hosted on the same server or servers with similar IP.
Link building helps in increasing traffic to your website. Build backlinks from quality sites like forums, blog commneting, article syndication, press release, guest posting.
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