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Best languages/tools for web development

I've recently gained interest(again) in developing webpages and thought of using some of my supposed 'skills' for freelancing and getting some money out of them.

My knowledge about web development seems to be quite limited as of now. I know the basics of HTML, CSS, php, mySQL to help me get a functional website running, like for instance I recently made a website with a point system for the ongoing fifa world cup for me and my friends, it would show the scoreboard, would take predictions only till before kickoff time etc.

But when I went to freelancer websites, I seem to see a whole lot of alien languages and opportunities that I can not avail.

Could someone help me out by telling me which languages to learn now, for better freelancing prospects?
Like I see ajax and joomla and java in the job descriptions and have no idea what the person really wants. I feel like I pretty much know nothing.
It's difficult to recommend what language/technology to learn. I would follow what job offers are looking for and also some overall statistics of language usage, such as following:

You can see that results differs quite significantly, but there are some languages that are in top by all the surveys, such as Java, C#, Javascript, C, ...

If you are going strictly for web development, that C is out of scope for most cases and I would go for Java or C# or PHP for backend and of course HTML/CSS/Javascript for UI. You will also need a little of SQL, but basics would be probably sufficient.

Btw, combination of Java and joomla is quite strange as joomla is PHP based. Ajax is ok in this case as it's more design pattern than language itself.

Adding this report which seems very nice:
supowski wrote:
I know the basics of HTML, CSS, php, mySQL to help me get a functional website running

That is all you shall need. And plenty of studying of this items.
It depends on what you want to do. If you focus on frontend stuff you should definitly take a look at all sorts of javascript (angular.js, jquery, bootstrap *joke*). For backend stuff there are a ton of languages. Some websites use C#, others C, also python is being quite often used. And occasionally you'll find uncommon languages such as Delphi 7 or *irony*Java *irony off*[/i]
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