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Boosting the performance of IE6

How to improve browsing performance in Internet Explorer

we talk about FF boosting.... but how bout IE6 boosting?? well just browsing through KB articals from MS... i found this artical... check this out...

MS wrote:
1. Start Internet Explorer, and then click Internet Options on the Tools menu.
2. On the Advanced tab, click to clear one or more of the following check boxes in the Multimedia area:
Show Pictures (prevents pictures from appearing automatically)
Play Sounds (prevents sounds from being played automatically)
Play Videos (prevents videos from being played automatically)
Play Animations (prevents animations from being played automatically)

3. Click Apply.
4. Disable the AutoComplete feature for forms and passwords:
a. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
b. Click the Content tab, and then click AutoComplete.
c. Click to clear the Forms and User names and passwords on forms check boxes, click OK, and then click OK.
5. Click the Security tab, and then click Custom Level.
6. Click Disable for one or more of the items in the following Active Content areas:
ActiveX Controls and Plug-ins (prevents Internet Explorer from automatically using items that show active content)
Java (prevents Internet Explorer from viewing Java programs automatically)

NOTE: If you disable ActiveX, Java, and scripting, you may not be able to view Web sites that use these features.

7. Click OK, and then click OK.
Well DER!

But it kinda screws up every good aspect of the internet, unless you just want text.
I agree with what bananaphone has said. Losing a good webexperience isnt worth gaining a better performance. It will be better to use a text based browser like a windows port of Lynx than to disable all those features in IE.
Do you really want to know on how to boost internet surfing? Use Firefox. Wink Life gets better with it.
Firefox is a good browser, but there are also some lighter browser such as kmeleon or opera (now free and ad-free too) :

One day KDE will be ported to windows, it means konqueror will be available on this plateform too :,39020330,39187111,00.htm

Konqueror is also a good file manager, much better than the one provided by microsoft
Now, you don't have to go read articles to figure that out. Sure that will impove the performance but then the internet turns into multiple text documents. haha.
I used to use a program which is supposted to reconfigure your settings to boost speed. It was a load of rubbish though so now I just use firefox.
From what i`ve tested Opera always comes first at speed of connection and almost every aspect of a normal Web browser. But on linux i ussually use Dillo. It has a few bugs on displaying some web pages, but the speed is incredible...i`ve got my slackware machine up and running a few days and i had pre-installed firefox and Dillo. Dillo loads pages about 50%faster then firefox.
But now when i`m on Windows i just use Opera, which although it is a proprietary internet browser (and i`m a huge fan of the open-source movement) has many advantages over other browsers.

P.S. (talking about proprietary software, Micro$oft has alot to learn from opera Wink )
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