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Superhero Movies

I recently watched Captain America: Winter Soldier and pondered over how far superhero movies have come. I remember back so many years ago watching movies like Daredevil, Elecktra, and Superman. Some were ok, others good, and so many others very terrible.

I was wondering what everyone things about the recent push to make quality superhero movies. There have some pretty good films lately like the Dark Knight Trilogy, Avengers, Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America. I realize some of them were just ok,average, but they weren't absolute garbage like some were in the past.

Do you think this trend will continue? I'm definitely looking forward to Avengers 2 and other films like Guardians of the Galaxy. The new Justice League film seems like it might have some promise.
Christopher Reeve as Superman in 1978

Just had the look (Clark Kent) and really had the physique of the superhero too

Such a shame and such a nice man too
Spiderman, Amazing spider-man are good movies
I think that good movies are going to be a crap shoot. But I do think that recently the movies have been better, but maybe because they are learning from the past ones that have been made and learning more and more from them. Maybe they looked at the ones that succeeded very well and taking the finer points of what made them great and copying them. When Batman Begins came out, they improved on it even more with The Dark Knight, and then other superhero movies began copying the similar formula. Maybe because of this the studios decided to invest more and more into these movies, providing them with enough resources to make better movies. I suppose it's hard to say what's making them great recently, but I'm not complaining.
I'm waiting for guardians of the galaxy. I hope I could also watch it Smile
Bat Man, Krishh and Spider man are nice superhero movies.
Here are a list of my favorites:

Batman Year One
- Batman's first year in Gotham City. His first struggles on how he got his reputation. Based on the work of Frank Miller. Part of the comic book was also adopted in Batman Begins

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns part 1 and 2
- Based on Frank Miller's comic book. A retired batman returns to his old life of crimefighting

Justice League War
- Retells the story of how the superheroes were united

Superman: All Star
After too much exposure from the Sun, Superman gets a terminal illness but also gains new abilities. Here he tries to make the most from his remaining time alive.

Iron Man (the first film) is still at the top of my list. Very charismatic character.
I like Krishh as a superhero movie. Batman is also good.
The fantastic four was a good super hero movie. Among the comic super hero movie , the Mask is the best one. I liked Hulk also.
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