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Do you thin that moon landing is a HOAX?

Is the moon landing a hoax? What you think? I think that it is.
I've watched a video about it and find out that is a lie.
You can watch here:

and see so many facts that shows that moon landing never happened.

Oh just sod-off with this crap.
No it wasn't a hoax and no I don't care about your video which will certainly turn out to be a piece of crappy conspiracy theory filled with the usual lies and fallacies.

I KNOW we went to the moon because I have shot a laser beam that was reflected back off the equipment that was specially positioned by Neil Armstrong on the lunar surface. End of debate, end of story.

The sad, stupid, lonely or mentally ill people who say otherwise need pity not serious discussion in a science forum.

I am throwing a red flag over this discussion area. That means I will automatically bin any postings that try to resurrect this issue UNLESS they have some new, and REALLY convincing evidence to offer. That, I predict, is a probability too small for my 10 decimal place screen to display.
While I have no doubts the moon landings happened,I don't think shooting a laser off of some equipment on the moon is proof of this,any equipment can be placed on the moon by dropping it there from above,no landings required.
truespeed wrote:
While I have no doubts the moon landings happened,I don't think shooting a laser off of some equipment on the moon is proof of this,any equipment can be placed on the moon by dropping it there from above,no landings required.

That piece of equipment need to be position perfectly to be able to reflect light to the right direction.

If we have the technology to drop and place that equipment perfectly on the said position, kind of weird if don't have the technology to land on the moon itself.
truespeed wrote:
While I have no doubts the moon landings happened,I don't think shooting a laser off of some equipment on the moon is proof of this,any equipment can be placed on the moon by dropping it there from above,no landings required.
Only if you have no conception of the process, or physics in general.
Basically we align a laser to precise coordinates. It 'hits' very rarely and it generally takes a while to 'get the eye in'.
A laser hitting anything EXCEPT the special equipment could well reflect of, say, a highly polished quartz rock face, but it wouldn't have anywhere close to enough energy to be detected back here. Even when reflected back by the specially designed wave-guide kit, the reflection is marginal and only just within the detectable range.
Had the kit been 'dropped' there is absolutely no way it could have been aligned in the required manner to the required tolerances and it would have been functionally useless.
So what is this object? How big is it?

*edit: Just googled and it seems the Russians landed reflectors on the moon,successfully.


The Soviets landed two rovers on the moon, called Lunokhod 1 and Lunokhod 2, on the Luna 17 and Luna 21 missions in 1970 and 1973, respectively. These rovers were equipped with small retroreflector arrays each consisting of 14 corner cubes of triangular configuration (not cut into a circle—imagine slicing off the corner of a cube with a knife). Each reflector is 11 cm on a side for a total package 44 cm long and 19 cm across. The picture at right of the Lunokhod rover shows the reflector jutting out in front (left). Lunokhod 1 was successfully ranged during its maneuvering phase, but then was not seen for almost 40 years until our project (with the help of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) re-discovered the reflector in April 2010. Now both Lunokhod reflectors are routinely used, though the large size of the cubes makes them more susceptible to thermal distortions, so that the return is about 30 times weaker in lunar daylight than in lunar night. On the other hand, the larger size makes for a tighter diffraction pattern during lunar night, so the effective cross-section becomes slightly larger than the Apollo 11 and Apollo 14 arrays during these periods. Lunokhod 1 plays by this rule, but Lunokhod 2 has become about five times weaker than its twin reflector
No, they landed vehicles which could move a small reflector array mechanically. Hardly the same thing.
There is also a movie about a similar idea.
The fun factor is high.
And even Tin Tin went there! !!!
Well, I do believe the people went there - but I do also belive a lot of work with the distributed media was edited. And that is why you can make a hoax video. Just as simple as that. Still fun to watch.
Of course some of the images later distributed were edited. If you have images taken in 'the field' then they are likely to be badly framed and may not be optimum in terms of exposure times. I would, therefore, expect NASA to have 'framed-up' such images and, where necessary, applied some basic corrections for under/over exposure. That is basic stuff and hardly even worth comment.
If you are suggesting that they altered the images in a deceptive manner - in order to introduce things that were not present or hide things that were, then I you need to substantiate that with something more than the ramblings of a semi-literate moron.
Hm, "some of" is more "all of" if you check the critics film, and it seems not to be the basic shape ups - it was major editing.
It is not at all a decepticon manner Smile A film joke there since it was a decipticon on the moon in one (my son like those). BUT I do belive it was of the cold war manner. Just standard military "show as little as possible" to the enemy stuff. And I do belive as some old NASA persons today have lifted that it was death penalty if anything leaked out.
Well, "military" and the word "moron" do come together so you got a point actually.
What 'critics film' are you talking about? If you mean the conspiracy theory crap circulating the internet then no thanks. I have invested quite a lot in trying to put useful, interesting and, above all, true information into my brain. I try to avoid deliberately putting crap into it.
As for 'some old NASA persons' - citation needed.
I thought about the video in this thread - the hoax video.
It is a lot of critic in my ears - "none of the photos seem good enough" is good critic. And if they understand the cold war editing there is no need for a conspiracy at all. Sure many thinks of conspiracys and they are fun.
For the citation hm have you heard of Edward Snowden for example? same principle but for a normal military it is game over - and was for the space race details.
Have I heard of Edward Snowdon? That's funny.
IRL my name is Snowdon and I must have been asked at least a dozen times if I'm THE Snowdon.
I haven't seen any claim by Snowdon regarding NASA personnel being threatened with the death penalty, but I haven't read all his stuff, even though it has been published in the paper I most often buy - The Guardian.
Ok, hehe. My dad bought a car from a normal car dealer and the tax wasn't payed and the papers said it had belonged to one of our country biggest fugetives in eco-crime (not back in Sweden yet). A year later when I did a goverment job I tapped into the crime register but the former owner was not the real fugitive but his uncle (same name though)...
Somewhere Aldrin or Cooper must have talked about the penalty but later I might stumble on it again, it was a famous name anyhow.
Aldrin probably. He suffered clinical depression for years, so it wouldn't surprise me if he also got a bit paranoid and said something dumb.
The idea of NASA, or the US Gov. threatening Astronauts with the death penalty if they didn't keep shchtum just doesn't pass even a cursory consideration.
NASA didn't even try to control the single best opportunity anyone ever had for propaganda - Armstrong's words when he stepped onto the moon. If there HAD been an atmosphere of secrecy and fear do you really think they would have let Armstrong choose his own words (and screw them up)?
The whole suggestion is silly.
This is re-enforced by the fact that at least one former astronaut has gone way off the reservation - Stacey Musgrove - and addressed UFOlogist conferences. Or there is the woman astronaut (Lisa Nowak) who went nuts and tried to kidnap her ex husband.....clearly nobody was watching her too closely...
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