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Just how bad an atrocity would your country have to commit?

Just how bad an atrocity would your country have to commit before you left or took any kind of action?
How many people would your country have to kill unfairly, in any way, before you did something to stop it, or left that country outright?

Please answer what specifically would be right on the line of the "grey" border, the point of transition from when you would do nothing, vs something. In fact, give several if you can.

I personally don't think I can sit back while civil rights of immigrants are under threat in in Greece.
If I could not prevent anti-immigrant legislation in Greece, I would leave rather than commit funds and taxes to a government/country that abuses civil rights. I may not have it in me to fight the government
but I am certainly not going to help fund a new Nazi Germany.

How do you feel about this subject? Please let everyone know your thoughts on this subject.
That's a tough question. It's hard to say. I think if it my government got to the point that it was throwing individuals in jail for freedoms guaranteed by our constitution.

When my government starts illegally stealing money (like in Greece), when they start severly violating human rights, or we become an military state. These would all cause me to either defect or fight.

I adhere to the New Hampshire philosophy of "Live free or die".
That is a tough question. Truthfully, I think I would do nothing as long as it doesn't directly affect me. If however, it gets to the point where the military or police of some sort start knocking down doors and throwing people in prison, then I would think about joining a resistance group. Maybe not on the front lines, but to keep the freedom I enjoy now. There comes a point where one has to choose between security or freedom. I prefer the latter.
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