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Clash of Clans?

Did you guys get hooked up in this mobile game called Clash of Clans?

I recently did. It was not the best game but it was pretty addictive for me. The game play is simple, you build a village, defenses for it and soldiers for it. You also mine resources. Then you need to attack other players, join clans and perform in clan wars. The game play is simple and since it is a mobile game all you have to do is tap on the screen. Nothing fancy.

But the thing about this game is that it is too addictive. I didn't enjoy the game play that much but I was setting alarms so that I could process some commands to this game at the middle of the night.

It got so addictive that at one point, after one of my clan mates left, I totally re designed my base to be a mess and then uninstalled it from my phone. Finally, I feel like I've saved a lot of time in my life.

What about you guys? Any clash of clan players here? Do you love the game or are you just addicted to it and trying to unlock new things in it?
my kid started to play clash of clans on my mobile phone, so it was his game, until he went for holidays over the weekend and asked me to take care of his clash of clans - village... since then i frequently turn on the game, to have a look if there is something to upgrade... i already googled the clash of clans - cheats - page and read it... well, addictive for shure, but isn't that the core of all that games?
Well yeah I get addicted to this game.

I don't really like playing games on my phone first because I feel the battery was not yet capable to handle long gaming time.

Anyway as I started to play this, at first I really don't like it. Until someone attacks my village and crash my base. He did it like 3 times in a week until I hook up.

I started to use my Credit Card twice to buy the gold and gem. I turned my base to diamond wall and buy all expensive stuffs.. LOL..

Then I revenge to that guy until I realized I already spent 2 to 4 hours per day with this game and sometimes more than that especially if I'm waiting for something to be finished.

Well after playing this for 5 months now, I think I am about to stop playing it. I feel like I already get what I want from this game and you know, everything becoming iterative.
I see a lot of people around playing it. My battery barely goes a day so I m not that into mobile addictions Laughing
RosenCruz wrote:
I see a lot of people around playing it. My battery barely goes a day so I m not that into mobile addictions Laughing

Hey I just found out a new way to play Clash of Clans hehe..

I'm still playing it after many attempts to stop due to Clan wars, the clan group and etc..

With battery issue, when I'm at home, I use my pc to play COC.

I just installed on my pc machine the software called "Bluestack".

For mac users and linux, genie motions works very well but the screen is kinda small as you will emulate a mobile device (version) unlike in bluestack, it has huge screen and doesn't need to emulate different phones and etc..
I played it a long time ago, but it got boring. Haen't touched it for while. I wonder what state my village is in.
Yeah I got hooked for awhile, but once you get so far, upgrades are so expensive and it takes forever, and while that happens, you get spam raided and I just got fed up with it.
Wow, it seems that a couple of us are hooked or were hooked up to this game. Someone here has kids playing the games and they want their parents to look after the village while they are gone. That's something new that I'm hearing. I just hope that kids aren't spending your hard earned real life money for those gems in Clash of Clans.

I'm still hooked up till now. I just unlocked dragons and go myself a Barbarian King. I am enjoying these wars that my clan has been participating in. I hope that will soon get over it and will get back to my normal life with added productivity.
I like clash of clans
alexms wrote:
I like clash of clans

Do you play it a lot? I just gave up playing the game a few days ago. It was consuming too much of my time. All I could think about was upgrading my barracks, getting a PEKKA, upgrading dark barracks, getting a lava hound etc. You get the idea. I was even dreaming about the game.

I just decided to uninstall it out of a sudden and I have so much time.
I've been playing it for a while and formed a pretty good clan with some of my friends. It's gotten to be pretty addicting, actually. I think there should be a way to win without paying too much money, but unfortunately, it seems to be one of those pay to win games.
Every one of my friend likes Clash Of Clans but I dont know why I dont like it :/
I played this, but when I was in top 100 players, they banned me for no reason...
i plated this for one year.
pretty addictive and fun
but to be honest , it's getting harder and harder as game progress , u will need some bots to help u Embarassed
I played at this game for 2 years, it's very addictive but, at a time, ressources cost a lot of virtual money and we can't upgrade if don't spound real money on this, :/
I used to play this game a lot, but later on I started to feel disinterested toward it, even though I was still addicted. I felt like it was based not on pleasure but diminishing the anguish that I felt when I did not make the progress required to the timeline set by the game and the resources I had. It was an obsession for the fastest progress possible. When I realized that it was just making me unhappy, I uninstalled it and started doing other stuff that satisfied me more. I felt the attraction toward the game even weeks after leaving it, but now that I'm free from it, I'm more satisfied.
I play this game for about 2 years.
Never spend money in it but having a stock of 500gems.
I've played for over half a year, it was very addicting in the beginning but in the end it began to be more an obligation than something to waste time, I was playing just because I had to win battles for my clan etc.
Overall the game is nice in the start but get boring with time and if you like it go and spend a lot of time but i don't think it is worth it to waste money on upgrades, powerups, etc.
I was hooked up for 2 weeks more or less, but then I realized i was not having fun, as ratanegra said, it was more an obligation than anything, so I ended up uninstalling it.
Never tried it, not a fan of mobile games
Thanks for the tip about Bluestacks. Installed it on my deskside PC and also on one of my thinkpads and started playing Clash Of Clans. Didn't have enough space left on my tablet to install another game but on the PC storage space of course it no issue.
Found a nice video here on youtube with a few useful tips for beginners.
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