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Iras village, Weno island, Chuuk State, Micronesia

I'm located about 7 degrees North of the Equator so the weather here is warm, sunny, and sometimes wet and humid. It sorta feels like summer all year round with some periods of rainy weather. When the tradewinds are blowing strong, the days become a bit cooler especially in the tree shades. And if you're lucky, you can be sitting on the beach not on a tupperware chair but on pure fine grained sand which is so white it looks like it has been bleached.

I live here on the main island called Weno island which is the capital island of Chuuk State (one of 4 which makes up the Federated States of Micronesia). In 2010, we got broadband DSL (crappy throttled with speed limits). This summer, we're supposed to receive a cell data network speed upgrade from Edge to 3G. Supposedly, O3b networks will become our new satellite link provider. Hopefully, things will be cheaper and faster which would make more sense as opposed to faster and more expensive.

Anyway, if anyone ever gets a chance to visit here, bring your scuba gear as this place is supposed to be a great "wreck diving" spot for scuba divers. I also hear that there is some shark diving activity going on in one of the main channels on the main barrier reef which surrounds the lagoon. I also almost forgot to mention the fact that the lagoon serves as an underwater graveyard for World War II era Japanese sunken shipwrecks and its crews. I think the codename of the World War II US bombing raid was Hellstone or something that sounded like that. I'm not into scuba diving or history so my information is not too reliable.

I live here in Iras village, I am an electronics technician and work locally as a private IT guy doing computer repair work. Most of the problems I encounter here are usually virus and malware related issues. There is also an abundance of broken keys on laptop keyboards which I suspect are due to the high humidity and dusty environments in offices and homes.

I am currently in the process of conducting research on how to start a technology related NGO. Maybe something related to alternative energy and global warming with computer IT stuff thrown into the mix. If anyone has any suggestions on this, please let me know.

Thanks for reading.
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