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Plan for building electric vehicle infrustructure


There are a few other examples of European countries that are carrying this sort of thing out.
The excellent idea behind this is not just the fact that those hundred vehicles help rid the streets of
carbon-polluting transportation, but they also help put in place a potential network of high-power charging stations, the limited availability of these being a barrier for many folks who would buy an electric vehicle. The pennies per kilowatt to recharge the vehicle possibly translates to huge savings for the company, especially if they invest in wind turbines and a suitable long-life battery bank. As the technology behind batteries and carbon super-caps improves, this benefit will only get better.

With the money the company makes, they can then start to expand their range beyond the airport and start serving normal residential neighborhoods and businesses. Charging stations, which are not in use, they can offer up to owners with personally owned vehicles. As the network expands, they make more money. As they make more money, they are able to expand faster. As they expand faster they make money faster. It won't be quite that simple. It may take a couple decades before a substantial network is built. But that is without government assistance.

ENIAC was government funded. The Pony Express set the groundwork for a efficient system of communication for the entire nation. That said, why can't our government, at all levels, invest in the same sort of thing? Should we be clamoring nationwide to get our governments to build electric charging stations in strategic locations where they are ABSOLUTELY needed? Locations such as universities would be excellent. Poor students need to make the most of their money. The sooner their debts are paid off, the better they are. The less they have to worry about student loan debts, and other financial concerns, the more freely they can devote themselves to furthering their
careers, and making themselves as productive as possible. This is only one benefit, only one aspect of how it helps alleviate stress on the public.

In terms of international politics, it means we don't need to commit mass murder...quite as often at the very least. It means we don't need to fear Middle Eastern politics, and entire oil fields being set on fire. It means a stronger, leaner, less ME-dependant America. As America becomes more efficient, we can invest even more in technological advancements. As these technological advancements come, we share them with the world, and bit by bit, the world becomes less dependent of fossil fuel. Bit by bit, the world needs less and less profit from blood to feed it's families. This may seem a bit extreme, but tell that to the folks who lost their lives because we don't want the price of I-Pods to go up, which would happen because the freight companies want to make the same profit margin, and they aren't about to let their pockets take a hit when all someone else has to do is die. This stuff needs to BE PUT IN PLACE.

Why isn't our government taking care of this? Why do supposedly grown adults not give a damn?
Maybe I am just ranting...or maybe this is honestly bullshit. Maybe there are things which could be done to improve systems across the world, but people have better things to do with their time, like watch football. Is it just me or does that feel effing nuts?

I am going to start up a open-source project. I am going to start blasting it around on Facebook.
Anyone with business management, business prospecting/research skills is more than welcome to help figure out the feasibility of this idea. Hopefully a few people out there are interested enough to help a little in their free time. If people chip in a little time to tracking down facts and figures, the presentation and research could be handle for no money at all. This is part of the issue holding this back (political and financial counter-interests are another part. Big-oil hates clean energy.), so taking this problem out, leaves one less excuse for implementing it. :\
lots of conspiracy theory is going on about why the hell they haven't developed some nice electric vehicle market until today, some say things like that all those plans allready exist or existed, but were suppressed by oil based industry... i also read somewhere about the idea to equip all the streets with some sub-surface wiring, so that all the traffic that moves on them induces electric energy, providing that the vehicles have some electromagnetic field, which they might have anyway, especially if they are powered with electro-motors... that would again recoupe the loss of energy, or at least reduce it...
All that sounds really fantastic, and there is no reasonable idea why not to put all those plans into practice, so there might be something fishy about the whole thing?
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